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Charles Olson is a Brooklyn native who still calls the borough home. He never felt the need to leave since Brooklyn’s amenities, the beaches, the parks, and Manhattan itself, have given him a reason to stay.

When it comes to helping Brooklyn residents sell their property, Olson is the go-to person. As a Real Estate ELP, he is RamseyTrusted with Brooklyn real estate, which means he is recommended as a real estate professional by noted businessman and personal finance consultant, Dave Ramsey. By being RamseyTrusted, Olson focuses on serving rather than selling and goes alongside his clients on their journey from start to finish. He uses the word “proactive” to describe how he helps and takes all things into consideration to help property owners sell. He also is proactive in helping buyers make the right decision when it comes to buying their new home. Olson even helps people invest in property and helps them to protect their assets with real estate.

He does all this by focusing on the needs of his clients, and doing whatever it takes to help them. At the same time, he seeks to help his clients see “the big picture” when it comes to moving by helping them take all things into consideration when it comes to selling their property, from pricing the place to weighing-in offers to getting over any obstacles standing in a seller’s way.



Charles Olson
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Why Now Is The Time To Move To BROOKLYN, NY?

Why Now Is The Time To Move To BROOKLYN, NY?

Brooklyn is a borough of New York City with over 2.7 million residents. It is known for its diverse neighborhoods, thriving arts and cultural scene, and rich history. Brooklyn was once an independent city before being incorporated into New York City in 1898. The borough has since become a melting pot of cultures. It reflects the waves of immigrants who have made Brooklyn ...


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  • Assignment Of Policy

    Right of a party, the assignor, to allocate the benefits of certain insurance policies to a third party, the assignee. Insurance on real estate may assign the policy to protect the property for those having an insurable interest. ...

  • Lap Siding

    Horizontal wood siding commonly used on the exterior of buildings which overlap each other. ...

  • Permanent Mortgage

    Mortgage for an extended time period (e.g., 25 years) Type of real estate investment trust (REIT) that gives long-term mortgages to real estate developers and contractors on new or current property. ...

  • Extended Term Insurance

    Nonforfeiture option that uses the cash value of an ordinary life policy as a single premium to purchase term life insurance in the amount of the original policy. The length of the term policy depends on the size of the cash value and the attained age of the insured. ...

  • Self-inflicted Injury

    Intentional injury caused by the person injured. For life and health insurance purposes, self-inflicted injury typically is not covered by accident policies, because it is intentional, not an accident. This applies for workers compensation insurance purposes as well. However, for life insurance purp ...

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