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About Charnise Cooley

Charnise grew up in a real estate family. Her mother was an agent and as a young girl and spent many days with her while she was in the field working. Not knowing it at the time, but the seed was planted within in regarding her passion for real estate.

Her interest in real estate led to her investing in many different projects. Her biggest investment was the purchase of a 100-unit apartment building. As her interest and projects increased so did her passion for the field. She obtained her B.S. Computer Technology and worked as a web developer for many years. She later decided to pursue her passion full time and join the family business. Her technical background would serve as a greatest asset in this very demanding and competitive field of realtors. Her family background and previous real estate experience allowed her to become one of the top new agents in the office.

Her mission is to work with both buyers and sellers in the Atlanta Metro area serving particularly the south metro counties such as Fayette, Coweta, Henry, Fulton and Clayton.

When she's not showing real estate, she spends times volunteering at her church and along with her husband, raising their 3 beautiful girls in Fayetteville, GA. Charnise loves graphic/web design, sports, especially running and spending time with friends and family.

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Charnise Cooley


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Bearing Value

    Nature and ability of soil and other materials to withstand weight of a structure. ...

  • Valid

    Information that is factual, such as representations made by a real estate broker to a prospective buyer. ...

  • Visual Right

    Occupant's right in a structure to see out of the window without being hindered. For example, if someone wants to construct an office building adjacent to a home that will significantly block the homeowner's view of the outside, his visual rights may be violated. ...

  • Residence

    location where someone stays on a permanent basis. An example is a home to a family. ...

  • Insurance Policy

    Written contract between an insured and an insurance company stating the obligations and responsibilities of each party. ...

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Dollars And Sense: Invest In Your 401k Or Pay Off Your Home

Dollars And Sense: Invest In Your 401k Or Pay Off Your Home

Job security for many people is an important aspect, but it might be overlooked if you don’t consider the unexpected, which often leads to unemployment. Take, for example, the pandemic that hit us in 2020, that left many people without jobs, especially in the leisure and hospitality industries. Not only that but as many were concerned about keeping Covid-19 out ...

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Between Family And Real Estate: Finding Balance As An Agent

Between Family And Real Estate: Finding Balance As An Agent

It’s hard to understand the struggles and the demands of the real estate industry when you are outside of it. When was the last time you’ve been told that you are so lucky to have such a flexible schedule as a real estate agent? We both know that is an understatement because, in reality, finding balance in life while working as a real estate agent is more ...

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Best Small Towns To Live In, North Carolina Edition

Best Small Towns To Live In, North Carolina Edition

There’s a lot to be said for living in a small town. While they may not have the glitz and glamour of metropolitan megacities, small towns have a lot of perks that may not be immediately apparent but are very attractive none theless. While there’s plenty to be said for living in a big city, (some prefer it) it isn’t for everyone.  If you’re ...

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The Closing Day

The Closing Day

This is it. For the past weeks or months, every day has been at least partially spent thinking of, preparing for or planning this fateful day. You’ve laboured long and hard to make sure it comes without incident, and now all your hard work is finally going to pay off. What is this day, you ask? It’s closing day, baby. Now, there’s still a lot ...

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Buying A Home In Clermont FL

Buying A Home In Clermont FL

So, you’re thinking of making the city of Clermont your new home. We get it; there are a lot of reasons why you might want to live here! With its beautiful weather, long list of attractions, gorgeous surroundings and exceptionally healthy job market, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s about as close to being heaven on earth as we can get! But this ...

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