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Clarence Williams

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I entered the Real Estate market with a high level of customer service. I am motivated by challenge and hold myself to high standards. With the ambition to succeed, I have created a great sales approach for each client that uses my services.

There is nothing like success! My goal is to achieve and accomplish your goals with the commitment of superior service. I look forward to my next call. The opportunity to succeed is only one step away. Call me today and get the service you deserve!


615 St George Square Ste 300 , Winston Salem - NC 27103


Clarence Williams Review
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    Clarence was very helpful in our purchase of this home. It was a small purchase price but he treated us like we were buying a mansion. I would recommend him to anyone.

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    Clarence was the realtor for the sale of our son's and daughter-in-law's home in Clemmons, NC. We chose Clarence because it was necessary to pursue a short sale, and Clarence was recommended as having good knowledge of the short-sale process. This proved to be very true as he explained the process thoroughly and kept us informed as the procedure progressed. Having to resort to a short sale is unnerving in itself; Clarence helped us to understand and feel better about the situation.

    His communication with the Bank was excellent, and he made sure that the documents the Bank requested were submitted in timely manner. His coordination with the buyer was also critical and kept the process moving.

    Clarence made the usual recommendations of selling the home--painting, landscaping, etc. But his expertise in the short sale process was what we appreciated most about Clarence. He went the extra mile in communicating and prodding so that the process was completed within the strict limitations of the Bank. We thank him for making it happen!!

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    Our realtor, Clarence Williams, is one of the hardest working people I have ever met! He has been wonderful!!! First time homebuyers - he is helpful, kind, and really takes time to explain everything. He has gone above and beyond what is expected of a realtor, and is REALLY good with communicating with us, which is extremely important when buying a home. He has been a blessing to us. Thank you Weichert Realtors, and thanks Clarence :)

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    I have fired and negotiated with several Realtors in the purchase of my last two homes. I am very particular about requiring responses in a timely manner and someone that treats me like their only customer, even though I am not. Clarence treated me as his highest priority and always responded within the day of me leaving a message. Acknowledgement of his background and customer service skills needs to be commended, and that is a lot for me to say as a manager. I would not only recommend Clarence but encourage people looking for a home to acquisition his assistance.

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