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Colleen MacCallum

EXIT Right Realty

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Colleen MacCallum

I am the Co-Broker of EXIT Right Realty, Florida, along with my husband, Rob MacCallum and we have been in the business for over six  years now. I became a Broker after two years of being in the industry, and have received EXIT's Rising Star Award, EXIT's Rookie Brokerage of the Year & EXIT's Go Big or Go Home Award, and EXIT Ambassador. I am GRI Certified and am currently enrolled in Short Sale Course. 

My specialties include listings and relocating buyers.  My knowledge and expertise in the industry, marketing strategies and assertiveness really drives up listing exposure.  Price being a factor of supply & demand, I know the more eyes on the property, the greater the demand and increase in price. 

Originally from Massachusetts, I learned how to simplify the nuancing process of relocating to another place thousands of miles away and truly enjoy helping buyers relocate and find properties either in person, or virtually. Call 772-321-1640




2710 Airport Dr, , Vero Beach - FL 32960

Office: 1-772-404-4450

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