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About Dale Tomalewski

Home Is Where Your Story Begins...Start That Journey With Me. I would like to offer my services to make that journey a pleasant one.

*To satisfy online home buyers, my listings have multiple photos and detailed property descriptions - two of the most sought after features by online home shoppers.

* I have the technology and resources to generate demand for your property, provide buyers with the detailed information they desire, and have the ability to respond instantly to online inquiries.

* I provide superior customer service to home buyers with LeadRouter, our proprietary software, which allows me to respond immediately to inquiries from online buyers interested in any of my listings.

* To tap into the masses of Internet users searching for homes, Coldwell Banker continually purchases thousands of search terms on some of the Internet's biggest search engines to drive home buyers to my local listings.

*With our Internet marketing program, I'm determined to generate broad online exposure for home sellers at America's leading real estate internet sites, selling homes quickly and for the best possible price.


Pennsylvania Brokers License
Florida Brokers License
National Association of Realtors
National Association of Real Estate
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Residential Real Estate Sales and Listings
Residential Property Management

Broker/Owner, Redfish Point Realty, LLC Cape Coral, FL

Client Testimonials

Dale,you know better than anyone what a tough time this has been for me. I just wish my Bill could have known you. No one could have handled the sale of our house better than you. You are the most professional,thoughtful,and caring person I have the pleasure of knowing. You knew what forms were needed,what action had to be taken as far as permits and inspections,and you never gave up. You gave it your all (100 °/o +) and then some. Believe me,if I ever need,or someone I know ever needs,a realtor who will stick by them to the end it will be Dale Ann, who offers nothing less than true dedication and hard work.

You are a true asset to Coldwell Banker.

Toni Backfisch

Hi- just wanted to take a second to share my experience with the most wonderful Coldwell realtor, and her name is Dale Tomolewski. First of all, the way that I met Dale is very wild in itself and when I decided lost year to buy my first house I knew that Dale was my first stop. After meeting with Dale to discuss the process of buying my house I knew I mode the right decision, and we hit the ground running looking for my house.

Dale went above and beyond my expectations of a realtor.For example, she knew that I did NOT want carpet in my potential house and when we. saw a house that I liked (which had carpeting), Dale was the first one on her hands and knows LITERALLY pulling a corner of the carpet to see if then was hardwood underneath. Her dedication to helping you find your ideal house is relentless. It even feels like Dale does not sleep. She works around the all hours, either being proactive in helping you find the house you want or working on paperwork making sure that you don't miss out on a potential deal. Additionally, her attention to detail is amazing!She is able to see and point things out at different houses that you totally glance over because as a house hunter, you tend to me more focused on aesthetics.

Also, even after I closed on my house Dale continued to check up on me occasionally to see if she could be of help with anything (contractor references or otherwise). What realtor does that? J
Whether you're a first-time home buyer or not, if you're looking for a dedicated realtor who will bend over backwards to help you find your ideal house, look no further than Dale Tomalewski.

P.S. I met Dale's husband Steve, who is an engineer, and he's a pretty great guy too If you ask him, he will give you his honest expert opinion about house structural questions.

Ange Loiseau

I wanted to take the time to give some feedback on my home buying experience. Dale Tomalewski was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Not only was she thorough but she took the time to always answer any questions and/or concerns my family and I had during the process. We found the home of our dreams within just a 3-4 day process and never looked back. We found a fantastic property and that is due in large part to Dale being not only available to show us houses, but being willing to go over any concerns she might have seen in a given property. The transparency and honesty she displayed was second to none.

From the day we made an offer until closing took only 45 days. This speaks volumes to Dale's commitment to making sure that not only we got the house of our dreams, but that we did so in a timely matter. Dale I can not thank you enough for what you have done and I will absolutely be referring you to each and every person I come by that is considering buying and/or selling a home. You have become an official member to my family!

Marcus Weaver

Coldwell Banker Real Estate Services Inc.

Dale Tomalewski

Dale Tomalewski


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    The slope of surface inclination normally expressed as a percentage. The gradient is determined by dividing the surface change by the length of the surface ...

  • Liability: Limitations On Insurers

    Exceptions to coverage. There is no obligation for an insurance company to pay a claim if: the loss is not covered by a policy, or a particular person is not included in the definition of the insured. the loss takes place outside the territorial coverage of the policy. For example, there is no co ...

  • Nonboard Company

    Insurance company that does not utilize the rates and policies of a rating bureau. ...

  • Sources Of Surplus

    Cash carried forward from the previous year, plus gains from operations for the current year, plus any capital gains. ...

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