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About Dan Demeo

My name is Dan Demeo, and I am the proud team leader of the Demeo Realty Group. With over 28 years of experience in real estate, I am very fortunate to love what I do each and every day. Both of my parents were Realtors and taught me how to engage with buyers and sellers to create incredible client experiences. As a lifelong resident of Newton, this business has been a passion of mine for decades and will be for many more.

Having assisted hundreds of buyers and sellers, I truly understand every single element of a real estate transaction. Often part of my role is coaching my clients to ensure that their needs are being met, and they feel confident moving forward. After years in the business, there simply isn't a challenging, difficult scenario that I have not found a resolution for. One of the greatest benefits I offer my clients is my experience negotiating hundreds of transactions, protecting my client's best interests.

My experience renovating homes has also been beneficial to my buyer and seller clients as well, especially around determining value and setting pricing. I know every aspect of a home and have the ability to see real estate from an incredibly broad, unique perspective. There isn't a part of a property I don't know about and cannot help someone understand. I've found that my clients truly appreciate having a team captain assisting them through the transaction.

I am a big believer in positive energy, sharing, and being around good people. My passion for working with and being around people drives me every day to deliver incredible results. I pride myself on doing the best possible job and creating great experiences for people, ensuring they feel incredibly happy and confident about their decisions.

My approach to working with clients is very honest, straightforward, and sincere with 96% of my business comes from word of mouth referral. I am adamant about treating others with respect, regardless of status, never giving to gain, and focusing my efforts on giving back to the community. I am involved in the Child Assault Prevention Program, where I volunteer to teach elementary school children to stick up for themselves to prevent bullying, stranger danger, and promote childhood wellbeing.

During my free time, I enjoy snowboarding and playing golf. You could also find me in a chess game or at a pool table. Outdoor activities are some of my favorite, including going to the beach and spending time with my family.

To work with a passionate, experienced, and results-driven Realtor, please feel free to call, text, or email me anytime.

Dan Demeo
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage - Demeo Realty Group

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage - Demeo Realty Group

Dan Demeo


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Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Adjusted Sales Price

    The adjusted sales price is also known as price adjustment or adjustment in appraisals. A definition for the adjusted sales price is the appraisal determined through the market approach or the foundation of comparative market analysis (CMA). An adjusted sales price comes from analyzing the recently ...

  • Charitable Gift Life Insurance

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  • Pooled Income Funds

    Separate trust established by a charitable entity whose purpose is to receive contributions from numerous donors. All the donors' contributions are commingled. Each donor can retain a life-income interest in the donation. The donor's income payment is based on the number of units of participation ca ...

  • Wage Index

    Table used, among other purposes, to determine monthly Social Security benefit for a retired or disabled worker and his or her dependents. The average monthly wage (AMW) of the worker is computed, disregarding certain periods of low earnings. The AMW is used to determine the primary insurance amount ...

  • Three-fourths Loss Clause

    Provision requiring insurance company to pay no more than three-fourths of the actual cash value of the damaged or destroyed property. Historically, this clause was found in property insurance policies and marine insurance policies. Today, this clause is no longer used. ...

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