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About Dana Hitt

My desire is to ultimately build trustworthy relationships and help my clients, friends and family reach their real estate goals. I am up for the challenge of this unique and demanding market and pride myself in using the latest technology, which is critical in today's market. I do not count my success by the number of homes I sell or list or the money I make but rather the number of clients I serve and the relationships I build.

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Dana Hitt

Dana Hitt


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Attorney-at-law

    An individual who has been admitted to practice law in his/her state. He or she is approved to represent clients, and can conduct the usual activities, such as drafting legal documents, providing legal advise, and representing clients in courts, regulatory agencies, and other entities. ...

  • Devisee

    One who receives real property under a will. ...

  • Code

    An organized set of rules and regulations on a particular subject. Often codes are an accumulation of laws in a particular area of interest. For example, a zoning code or building code. ...

  • Industrial Zoning

    Category of property zoning that designates property to be used for industrial purposes. Industrial zoning allows manufacturing, research and development purposes, factory office and warehouse space, and industrial parks. ...

  • Level Premium

    Premium that remains unchanged over time, regardless of any change in the nature of the risk. ...

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