Darryl  Harrison

Darryl  Harrison

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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) REALTOR® The Multiple Listing Service Mark

I am a long time DC area resident with over 25 years of real estate experience. My goal is to offer my knowledge and experience in the local real estate market to homebuyers seeking their first home purchase.

Washington, DC and PG County, Maryland both offer well-funded, easy to qualify for programs that can let you purchase a home with $0 down. I am experienced in helping buyers understand, apply for and successfully use these innovative assistance programs.

I am actively involved in UrbanLand Company’s Homebuyer Workshop Program and am here to answer all of your real estate questions as you search for the perfect place to call home.

I am a long time DC area resident with over 25 years of real estate experience. Contact me if you need assistance with finding and purchasing a home in the DC/MD area. I am experienced in helping first time home buyers navigate available $0 down and other purchase programs in DC and PG County, MD.


1050 Bladensburg Rd NE , Washington - DC 20002

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