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DeDe Galindo is the Broker and Owner of Prime Properties Realty, LLC a unique brokerage focused on helping people build wealth in real estate. Her career in real estate began when she left corporate management in 2001. She started at Keller Williams Realty where her production quickly rose to the top 20% of her office of 300 agents. She served on the Agent Leadership Council consisting of 12 selected agents from those top twenty percent. While teaching classes there, she invented and taught her “Rate Your House™” showing system that is now practiced by Realtors all over the DFW Metroplex.

Her passion for Texas homeowners led her to the W omen’s Council of Realtors where she served in many capacities including President of the Northeast Tarrant County chapter and, in 2010, she served as a Texas District Vice President. She also served on the Metrotex Board of Realtors governance committee and for 3 years, until 2012, as a Western Regional Advisory Council member. DeDe has marched with other Texas Realtors on the Texas State Capital twice to preserve homeowner’s rights and met with US Congress members and US Senators to discuss misguided legislation. You might have heard her on Saturdays on AM1160 where she cohosted and founded a radio program called Business Lemonade which promoted and helped small business owners.

Prime Properties Realty, LLC was formed after working with investors for years. She partnered with her main investor to provide a process where other investors can build wealth through real estate holdings. At PPR, they acquire, rehab, put in a tenant, and manage the property all in house to provide a place that will back their service, their product and watch the market areas to know when investors should buy, hold, and sell to build their real estate investment portfolio. This is no easy task but for the Investor, it is Investing Simplified.

In her spare time, she does inspirational speaking, hangs out with her two sons and visits her two daughters and their families which include 4 grandchildren. She values integrity and good moral character and believes as her grandfather, Zig Ziglar, taught, “You can everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

Prime Properties Realty

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Adverse Environmental Effects

    Negative impact on living or working conditions associated with property or land developer actions. ...

  • Economic Rent

    The amount of rent a property could command in the open market. See also market rent. ...

  • Inflation

    One of the many Inflation definitions can be put into these simple words: the result of the general increase in prices over a period expressed as a percentage. Inflation is controlled by Central Banks or by the Federal Reserve in the U.S. by manipulating interest rates. By increasing the cost of bor ...

  • Gift Outright

    Value or property given by an individual directly to a donee (recipient of the gift), for example, when a father gives a life insurance policy with all ownership rights to his son. ...

  • Guest Law

    Legal right of a passenger in an automobile involved in an accident to bring a liability suit against the driver. It is deemed that a special standard of care is owed by an automobile driver towards the passenger. This law bars suits only for ordinary not gross or criminal negligence. In many states ...

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