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As a seasoned and experienced licensed Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker Realty in the Commack, Syosset, and the surrounding area of New York State, I value my clients' trust, and I recognize the importance of guaranteeing the best experience for them. Selling or buying a home is complex and personal, and the added financial stake makes it a challenging adventure. This perspective gives me the drive, while my eight years of experience give me the tools to be an expert in this field. I’ve handled the players and understand how the market can change and shift, and with me by your side, you will have a trusted advisor that will be there every step of the way.

As a buyer, whether you’re looking for your first home or are aiming to lock down a vacation home where you might one day retire, you want someone that takes their time and focuses on your needs through patience and assertiveness so that you not only find your dream home but also get the best price possible. As a seller, market management and negotiation skills are what will get you the best offers for your home, and you can rest assured that the right prospects will fall in love with your home, resulting in simple and clean terms for the sale that will respect your needs.

Through professionalism, the highest level of commitment, and integrity, I will stand by your side as you weigh your options. I will help you along the way to make sure that your final decision will pave the way for a happy life in the next stage of your life. It doesn’t matter how many open houses we need to attend or how many prospects we have to verify, the decision will be yours, and I can guarantee that you’ll find joy in any real estate transaction we’ll board together. Do you want a single-family home with a natural pond in the backyard where your children can play? We’ll find it. Do you want to sell a property as-is for the best return? We’ll make it work as even diamonds come in rough shapes. Give me a call, and your real estate dreams will become a reality in no time!



Demetrios Zias
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Demetrios Zias


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Houston Real Estate Market Overview Of 2022

Houston Real Estate Market Overview Of  2022

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States. It has shown steady growth and development, as well as a diverse economy and relatively low unemployment rates. It is one of the best destinations for long-term real estate investment or a job in this sphere. It offers an excellent quality of life, highly-developed infrastructure, and many career opportunities. So ...

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Black Friday Bucketlist For Realtors

Black Friday Bucketlist For Realtors

The real estate industry has changed a lot over the past few years. Looking at what real estate was and meant over 30 years ago and what it means now, we will see visible changes. The era of technology and modernization has stepped up this field. If we look at the tools real estate agents use nowadays, we can observe a change in modernization and adaptability to the ...

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What Sells A House

What Sells A House

Do you remember the first impression you had when you bought your house? Maybe the wall color in the bedroom stood out or some weird tiling choices. When it comes to home buyers, interior design choices can attract them or send them running. Many things make or break a sale, and a homeowner who’s putting their home on the market will only benefit from knowing what ...

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10 Things That Could Turn Off Homebuyers

10 Things That Could Turn Off Homebuyers

Selling your house is a challenging decision to make. Giving up the place you’ve made life-long memories is emotionally consuming. But you might need a bigger home or want to relocate to a new city. Thus going through the selling process is unavoidable. First time selling a house? There are several aspects you should consider. You need information about the local ...

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What Not To Fix When Selling A House

What Not To Fix When Selling A House

Living in a society based on consumerism, we are used to everything we buy being in perfect shape. We send back articles of clothing that don’t fit instead of altering them at a sewist; We return an appliance if it has a visible scratch; We go back to the store to return a product that doesn’t fit our expectations even if we purchased it ourselves from the ...


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Amortization Schedule

    Every borrower has his own definition of amortization schedule in mind. An amortization schedule is a table that reveals how the debt is going to be paid back and at what cost. For most repayment plans, the table will have a few columns: date, scheduled payment, interest, principal, end balance and ...

  • Associate In Insurance Accounting And Finance (aiaf)

    Professional designation earned after the successful completion of four national examinations given by the insurance institute of America (IIA). Covers such areas of expertise as insurance company operations (marketing, underwriting, rate making, claims adjusting, reinsurance, and loss control); sta ...

  • Graded Commission

    Compensation that varies with the class and type of insurance sold. Many insurance companies offer varying commissions according to the volume of business an agent places with the company. ...

  • Over-the-counter Selling Of Insurance

    Method of selling insurance in which the insured purchases the product directly from the insurance company and not through an agent. ...

  • Testamentary Disposition

    Disposition or transfer of property at time of death. Although the law provides that property may be transferred at death only by means of a will that meets the requirements of state statutes, life insurance proceeds are exempt from this requirement. They pass to the stated beneficiary without regar ...

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