Denise  Shepherd
Real Broker, LLC

Denise Shepherd

Real Broker, LLC

I speak: English , Spanish

Don't Settle For Less Work With The Best!!!!


I have been in the San Antonio area since 2001. I speak English and Spanish. Let me show you
the great San Antonio living! I have been an Agent since 2007.  I can help you find your
dream home.


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Real Estate Glossary Terms

The standards imposed by lenders in determining whether a borrower can be approved for a loan. These standards are more comprehensive than qualification requirements in that they include an evaluation of the borrower's creditworthiness....

Required reserve to satisfy all life insurance policy obligations and expenses according to the appointed actuary's best estimate assumptions. Numerous interest rate scenarios are tested and based on the projections. The amount of asset adequacy tested reserve is established....

Trust to which a donor transfers assets and that distributes income to finance a predetermined situation. After the trust expires, any remaining assets are donated to the qualified charity that was previously designated as the remainder beneficiary (beneficiary of trust). In the year of transfer, th...

Policy providing businesses with coverage for negligence based civil liability in: (1) Bodily injury and property damage liability, on an occurrence basis, resulting from the ownership, use, and/or maintenance of the premises, completed operations and products. (2) Bodily injury and property damage ...

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