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I am dedicated to providing my clients with the highest quality service possible. As your Realtor I specialize in military relocation, VA & FHA purchases.

I will share with you my innovative marketing strategies to effortlessly negotiating the sale or purchase of your home!

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Home Buyers Marketing II, Inc.

Donald A. Miller Home Buyers Marketing II, Inc.

Donald A. Miller


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10269 Crestwood Dr Ste 3 , Manassas - VA 20109

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Office: 1-540-341-5815

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Fire Catastrophe Reinsurance

    Means used by a direct fire underwriter to protect against accumulation for a fire account, as well as against extremely large fire account liability. For example, heavy liabilities under individual risks can be analyzed by the initial fire underwriter to determine the number of separate fire risks ...

  • Rate Of Return Method Of Cost Comparison

    Approach advocated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in its 1979 life insurance cost disclosure report. It calculates the rate of return earned by the savings element of a life insurance policy in these steps: determine pure cost of protection (mortality expectation). determine amount of divide ...

  • Remainder Interests In A Residence Or Farm

    Charitable planning strategy under which a donor transfers title to his or her residence or farm to the charity. Upon transfer of title, the donor reserves the right to occupy the property as well as enjoy all the other benefits of property ownership for life, for a specified number of years, or for ...

  • Valuation Of Potential Property Loss

    Risk management technique that evaluates property exposures preparatory to managing the risk. Although risk managers consider the original cost, depreciation, market value, and tax-appraised value of property, replacement cost is the most helpful in determining the value of the property, giving the ...

  • Stigmatized Property

    Stigmatized property is a property that home buyers might back off on closing a deal due to factors that are not related to the property’s price, structural/aesthetic conditions and overall features. The stigmas of a stigmatized property can include: Criminal – a stigmatized property b ...

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