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Unequaled Level of Excellence. Donna Fallon, a thirty nine year full time, experienced, successful and dedicated professional Real Estate Broker delivers to her clients an array of diversified and exceptional services, from the luxury coastal estates she represents, to investment properties. Donna's interior design, building and business background, coupled with many years and vast knowledge of the real estate industry, uniquely positions her to provide her clients with the professional assistance, expertise and basis required to establish, purchase, sell and exchange a varied Real Estate Portfolio. Donna, a practiced, competent and skilled negotiator, has a proven referral base of clients who have experienced and benefited from her loyalty, vision, dependability and intense work habits. Donna is dedicated to her client's success. She says her first rule of business is to thoroughly and sensitively understand her client's financial and emotional needs. Applying this knowledge with her expertise, she then carefully devises and activates a reliable plan to achieve the highest magnitude of success for her client's complete satisfaction and benefit.

If you feel Ms. Fallon's expertise might benefit you or you have a real estate question or concern, or need real estate representation, or an evaluation of the market value of your property, please call Donna at:949-338-5700 She will do her best to assist you.


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   Lets get started and satisfy your Real Estate desires!

  39 Years Full Time Experienced Professional Real Estate Broker

Hall of Fame Member

  Residential Luxury Sales, Local and Global Markets.

  Experienced Short Sale Consultant

  Certified Commercial Broker

  Certified Property Manager, Leasing Agent


  Served On The Home Owners Board Of Directors

   Headed up 6 unit Condo build out for Habitat For Humanity
   Contributor for First In Our hearts for Hoag Hospital

   Staff on Invitational Sail Regatta to Bennefit Hoag Heart & Vascular Institue

   Hosted Fund Raising for the Performing Arts

CalBRE License Number: 00609052



Donna  Fallon

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Donna  Fallon


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Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
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Buying A Home In Bluffton SC

Buying A Home In Bluffton SC

Buying a home has always been one of the most important financial decisions we had to make as we worked our way up on the social ladder. It is a decision that is not taken lightly and for some people, it can be stressful, but exciting as well. The unique feeling you get when you reach the doorstep of your own home is unmatched and you get a genuine sense of ...

Homebuyer Tips

Living In Estero FL

Living In Estero FL

There are a lot of cities on Florida’s Gulf Coast. In the panhandle, the city of Pensacola is known for its historic air base, as well as being a surprisingly affordable place to live. Further down the coast, the city of Tampa has gained a reputation as one of Florida’s most attractive young metropolitan cities, experiencing rapid population growth in recent ...

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Tips For Realtors: Getting More Clients

Tips For Realtors: Getting More Clients

As a realtor, there are a lot of different areas of your job that you need to focus on to put food on the table. You need to know how to gauge a buyer’s interest, in order to ascertain how interested they are in your listing. You need to establish trust between you and your clients, so they know you’re worthy of their business. It’s also important to ...

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The Trust Shared Between A Real Estate Agent And Their Client

The Trust Shared Between A Real Estate Agent And Their Client

Buying or selling real estate is something most of us experience at some point in our lives. The process can be long and difficult sometimes but in the end a successful transaction is profoundly rewarding. Closing a transaction on a home for a first time home buyer will put a big smile on their face, knowing that they have achieved their dream of homeownership. Selling ...

Homebuyer Tips

Millennials: Good Or Bad For The Real Estate Market?

Millennials: Good Or Bad For The Real Estate Market?

Over the years, the landscape of the housing market has changed dramatically. As the older generation grows even older, a new group is coming into their own as the face of the housing market: millennials. These home buyers are faced with a new set of daunting challenges when it comes to buying a home, and realtors face an entirely different set of challenges when ...


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Eastlake House

    Nineteenth-century style home architecture featuring three dimensional ornamentation, made by hand using a chisel and gouge. ...

  • Venture Capital

    Financing source for new real estate business or turnaround ventures that usually combine much risk with potential for high return. There are various stages of venture capital, such as beginning with seed money and then proceeding to the development stage. Sources of venture capital include wealthy ...

  • Purchase Agreement

    Same as term contract of sale: Written agreement between a seller and a buyer in which the latter agrees to buy real estate property upon mutually suitable terms. ...

  • Industrial Property Policy Program

    Predecessor of special multiperil insurance (SMP) policy and commercial package policy, which covered property of manufacturing installations, in at least two different locations, including machinery and equipment, and, optionally, improvements and betterments. ...

  • Self-administered Plan

    Qualified pension or other employee benefit where responsibility rests with an employer rather than an insurer. A trust fund plan, where assets are deposited with and invested by a trustee, is the most common self-administered plan. A trust agreement governs the plan administration and retirees are ...

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