Dorcus Greene, Broker

Dorcus Greene, Broker

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Agent spoken language: English

Commission percentage: undisclosed

Dorcus Greene has served buyers in the Dallas and surrounding communities as a Real Estate
Professional for the past twenty years. Dorcus is a Real Estate Broker and a certified New Home
Specialist. Dorcus has learned over the many years he has served within the Dallas Metroplex how
important it is to listen carefully and to pay close attention to what the customer truly want and
desires before moving forward. Dorcus has experienced what he calls the second golden rule,
"There is more happiness in giving than in receiving." Dorcus will give his very best, both
professionally and with personal attention when granted the privilege of helping individuals and
families "find their way home".


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Property held by an individual, such as furniture. ...

Also called accounting or unadjusted rate of return. The return computed by dividing the anticipated future annual net income by the required investment in real estate. Sometimes the average investment instead of the initial investment is used as the required investment, which is called average rate...

Insurance company's investment in mortgages that have defaulted (mortgages in default) divided by its adjusted surplus account. The smaller this ratio, the more financially sound the insurance company....

Charitable planning strategy under which a donor transfers title to his or her residence or farm to the charity. Upon transfer of title, the donor reserves the right to occupy the property as well as enjoy all the other benefits of property ownership for life, for a specified number of years, or for...