Dustin Wagner

Dustin Wagner

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As a full time professional real estate agent, I pride myself on offering superior personal service before, during and after your transaction. Knowledge, commitment, honesty, expertise and professionalism are the cornerstone of my business. Let me earn your trust, your business and most importantly your friendship. Don’t make another move without me. I guarantee you will see the difference quality service makes. I look forward to working with you! Now that you know where I stand with regards to our real estate relationship, let me tell you a little bit of my professional history.  I am Fire Lieutenant and a Paramedic for a local fire department here in South Lee County.  I started in this career right after completing high school at 18 years old.  Now I have grown in this career and have expanded into the Urban Search and Rescue Team.  This is a specialized team made up with men and women from Fire, EMS, and Civilian members that get sent to disasters and situations a normal fire department cannot handle.  Personally I am a Search Specialist, Rescue Specialist, Large Animal Rescue Technician, Boat Operator, and Swift Water Technician.  

I am also a Licensed 215 Life, Health, and Annuity Agent for the State of Florida.  Purchasing a home and starting a family can be big financial commitments that are a reality in your life.  Once I find you the HOME OF YOUR DREAMS, I would like to make sure that no financial devastation, such as losing the "bread winner" of the family, is going to cause you to have to sell once again because you can no longer afford the home payment.  This discussion can take place once you settle into your BEAUTIFUL SOUTHWEST FLORIDA HOME.   Southwest Florida is a very desirable destination for many, now let's start working on finding that AMAZING HOME you desire to have in this wonderful location.


9160 Forum Corporate Pkwy , Fort Myers - FL 33905

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Property having an easement right through another adjoining property. The property through which the easement passes is considered to have the servant tenement....

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