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I have been in Arizona since 1966. I have seen the greater Metro Phoenix grow form Farm lands to what it is today. I will travel travel any where in the valley of the sun, to find you that perfect home. some people say that I'm crazy for showing so many homes, to one client. My believe is that my clients are like my children . I need to show them only the best that I can do. I will not show 2 or 3 homes and say pick one, if I have to show you 100 homes I will. so far to date I have been tested on this and showed a client 77 homes before buying.
I can sell your home as fast as you would like me to. But remember 1 Thing I will only give you my best . I treat each home that I sell as if it was my own. I will get the best value for the home

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Ed Soncrant

Ed Soncrant


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