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Longtime West Valley resident, Ginny Solis Wright exemplifies what makes the community special. She grew up here, and is now raising a family of her own while launching a successful career in real estate. She was cofounder of All About Catering Co. for the past 12 years. While running her own business she also was making a difference in the community through local causes. Solis’s father, a cattle buyer, brought her family to the West Valley from the Midwest 39 years ago. Her mother owned the Cotton Patch, a dress shop located in what is now Old Town Litchfield, and a boutique in the Wigwam. With her knowledge of the west valley and a resident of the Village in Litchfield Park and through her networking and by providing a high-quality service, her business thrived.

She served as president on the board for The New Life Center for two years and a member for 8 years – a domestic violence shelter for women and children – and has helped in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the organization. Solis has previously been a co-chair and member for Boots and Garters, and is a big supporter of the Southwest Valley YMCA. She is also was the co-chair for the 2014 Tin Man Awards, which features southwest valley residents who truly are the hearts of the community. If that doesn’t sound like someone who’s busy enough, Solis is a mother of six children. She is a sales driven, kind hearted individual and is eager to assist all home buyers in the southwest valley specializing in Old Litchfield, The Village at Litchfield Park, Litchfield Greens and Vista Views. Show Less

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Ginny Solis-Wright

Ginny Solis-Wright


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