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You are my Priority. My name is Hamdiya Galster. Having experience in Customer care/ Experience makes me your ideal Realtor. As your Realtor I listen to your needs and desires attentively in order to better serve you. Our experience working together will be both enjoyable and rewarding. Lets make this happen!

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Cash Flow

    (1) Cash revenue from product sales or services rendered less cash expenses. It is different from accrual earnings. (2) The money available after deducting operating expenses and mortgage payments from rental revenue. ...

  • Gross Living Area

    The definition for the gross living area published by the Appraisal Institute’s Dictionary of Real Estate 4th Edition is: “The total area of finished, above-grade residential space excluding unheated areas such as porches and balconies; the standard measure for determining the amount of ...

  • Probate Court

    Court having the responsibility of performing probate of wills and administering estates. In certain states, a probate court can appoint guardians for minor children of an estate. ...

  • Renewal Option

    The right of a person or business to renew a contract. For example, the tenant may have the right to renew a lease for a specified amount and term. ...

  • Pension Plan Funding: Group Deposit Administration Annuity

    Pension plan funding instrument in which contributions paid by an employer are deposited to accumulate at interest. (These plans are usually noncontributory.) Upon retirement, an immediate annuity is purchased for the employee. The benefit is determined by a formula, and the investment earnings on f ...

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