Irina Panyushkina
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Irina Panyushkina

Omni Homes International

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) REALTOR® The Multiple Listing Service Mark

Well, I am not only a Realtor at the most vibrant home-grown Tucson real estate agency, but I am also a Dream-maker. Why? Because I turn a lengthy and complex transaction into a memory of excitement. My service extends far beyond usual house showings, house pricing, purchase contracts, home inspections, etc. I support, assist and promote the home needs of my clients.  Most importantly, I take care of the emotional state of my clients during the transaction to help them overcome the challenges of stressful decision-making and keep the process steady and analytical.  Learning the needs and vision of a client is my customary starting point for any transaction, whether you sell or buy a house with me. I listen to what my clients want, not only with eyes and ears. My intuition is a vital tool in identifying just the most optimal strategy for each client.

My communication style relies on honesty and transparency. I want buyers to be aware of all technical pitfalls of contemplating a home purchase and have a clear outlook for potential future outcomes. I make sellers aware of the possible effects of a rapidly changing market on the sale and how to deal with finicky buyers. Sometimes sellers have a hard time putting a house for sale, so pre-sale assistance can be arranged to help ease the separation from a long-beloved home.  In the case of first-time homebuyers and relocation, I often provide no-charge after-sale assistance while clients get settled in their new place.

 Real estate transaction is not a simple mechanical exercise for me. I consider real estate practice as part of my life experience, and I live my life with heart and mind open. Lastly on a personal note, my educational background includes PhD in environmental sciences. I am a professional scientist who moved to Tucson in 1999 from Siberia to work at the University of Arizona and absolutely fell in love with the Sonoran desert and Southwest. I am passionate about travel and cultural history. Yet no matter how enjoyable travel might be, breathing the hot air scented with creosote and mesquite at the curb of Tucson International Airport when I return is one of my favorite sensations.

Let’s bring your dream up to live. 


1050 E River Rd Ste 302 , Tucson - AZ 85718

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