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Yakov Hershkowitz

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Agent spoken language: English , Hebrew

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Yakov Hershkowitz can undoubtedly be your ultimate choice when it comes to smooth and professionally delivered real estate transactions!

With vast experience in the real estate industry, Yakov Hershkowitz is an experienced and customer-oriented real estate agent in Brooklyn (Kings County and Borough of New York City, New York). He speaks English and Hebrew.

What types of real estate services does Yakov Hershkowitz provide?

Are you looking to buy a new home in Brooklyn? Are you planning to sell your property in Kings County? Do you wish to invest in a highly profitable asset? Yakov delivers the essential information and guidance to make the most optimal decision and the best real estate transaction of your life!

Yakov Hershkowitz firmly believes that an educated client paves the way for an effortless, stress-free experience.

How does Yakov Hershkowitz conduct his professional business?

The customer must always be the number-one party in a real estate transaction! For this reason, Yakov continuously places his clients’ housing needs, requirements, and objectives first. Let’s discover through which channels he accomplishes this goal!

  • Yakov has formed the foundation of his work ethic based on the core principles of responsiveness, diligence, and honesty. A solid business relationship can only survive with these elements present. 
  • Yakov Hershkowitz has elaborated a strong sense of empathy toward his customers. He can identify with the genuineness of each client's situation. Therefore, he works to find the optimal solution for their long-term and short-term housing goals.

Why should you choose Yakov Hershkowitz’s expert real estate assistance?

Purchasing a house or condo in New York City or investing in a Brooklyn property is one of the most significant financial journeys in one’s life. So is selling a home that can shield your future plans. It’s only reasonable to secure a devoted real estate expert’s services. However, safeguarding your best interests doesn’t end here! A reputable company with exceptional resources and the highest local real estate market expertise backs Yakov.

Discover the particulars of Yakov Hershkowitz’s business!

Yakov Hershkowitz has accumulated over twenty years of experience in the real estate industry. During this period, he developed skills in various real estate-related fields.

  • He specialized as a listing agent.
  • He excels as a reliable realtor for investors.
  • He acquired the knowledge of a trustworthy mortgage broker.
  • He developed a network of connections with specialists, for instance, real estate attorneys.

Learn about Yakov’s community ties!

Yakov felt a deep affinity for his Jewish community at an early age. This triggered him to choose the path of a professional real estate agent to represent their best interests.

Yakov welcomes clients from all walks of life. Still, he primarily looks to serve larger communities with their housing needs. Secondly, he strives to bring special discounts and promotions for the disabled and elderly.

What are his passions?

Maintaining business excellence takes time, dedication, and hard work. For this reason, Yakov eagerly monitors real estate, financing, and investment news daily to be ahead of the curve. 

In his spare time, Yakov is an ardent sports and arts fan.


5903 18th Ave , Brooklyn - NY 11204


Yakov Hershkowitz Review
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    Yakov was working aggressively in luring buyers into our property was great at mehotoatomg with prospective buyers and work out a successful sale to the last detail. Would definitely highly recommend using Yakov amd MDL Real Estate to sell your home.

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    Yakov was very knowledgable in the overall real estate market and activity. He had great negotiating skills. Extremely a lot of patience. Yakov delivered his promises while giving us a very smooth process along the way.

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    I worked with Yakov multiple times and he always proved himself , Yakov was patiently taking into account all my details of the transactions. He understood my needs Had a wide and extensive knowledge in both real estate and mortgages. This made my home buying process and financing like a breeze.I would definitely highly recommend Yakov, his service & knowledge was outstanding.

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    Graduating from college and looking to buy my first home was my dream. I really didn’t know what products are available for me and all the other basics. After applying with one of the biggest banks amd being dragged around with no mortgage commitment for about 3 months I got frustrated an I was ready to throw in the towel and cancel my deal. I went to Yakov based on my brothers recommendation and he was the man , he introduced me to his team guided me from start to finish got me a more competitive deal and closed my loan in less the 30 days from start to finish. I was thrilled with the way he came thru. Would highly recommend based on my experience.

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