Jacob Katzenstein
Keller Williams Realty

Jacob Katzenstein

Keller Williams Realty

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I often say I’m not in the business of real estate, but in the business of making dreams come true. It’s much more than that, it’s caring for your needs, understanding their anxieties, predicting potential pitfalls and basically looking for ways to make the uncertain process of buying or selling a house not only easier, but more enjoyable. In the end, my goal as a Real Estate Agent is to facilitate things for my clients turning a lengthy and complex transaction into a pleasing memory.

Sure, my marketing abilities come in handy – especially in this ever-changing world with new digital trends popping up daily – but my main strength is my credibility. I’ve been working hard on this asset ever since I got my license. I’m constantly studying the market because when my client asks me something I have to have the correct response at the tip of my tongue. I have not only a fiduciary responsibility to my client but also a moral one. So, transparency is really important in my book because, to me, Real Estate is not only about properties and money. It’s about people. I never take for granted the fact that people are trusting me not with their house or apartment; but their home. I take that responsibility seriously and put on a (fair) fight for them. I look forward to working with you and making your real estate needs and wants a reality.


10 Esquire Rd Ste 4 , New City - NY 10596

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