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About Jacqueline Katz

My name is Jacqueline Katz, and I am a professional, friendly, and client-oriented local real estate agent. I represent property sellers, home buyers, and real estate investors in the following Licking County, Ohio, cities:


Discover my professional motto! 

I'm not in the real estate industry but in the business of making wishes become a reality.  

What can you expect from me as an expert realtor?

Making dreams come true doesn't exclusively mean finding a house for a homebuyer or getting the highest profit for the seller. It's much more than that! I care deeply for my client's needs. Moreover, I empathize with them and understand their anxieties.

For this reason, I plan ahead and anticipate eventual pitfalls. In other words, I strive to eliminate any crisis situation in time! Thus, the home buying or selling process, usually implying "trials and tribulations," becomes much smoother and definitely more enjoyable!

My Real Estate Endgame

Ultimately, my goal as a Real Estate Agent is to facilitate home buying and selling circumstances for my clients. Therefore, an otherwise lengthy and complex transaction turns into a pleasant memory.

Learn my most unique strengths as an established housing agent

First and foremost, I dispose of a set of outstanding marketing abilities. These come in handy, especially in this constantly changing world, with new digital trends popping up daily.

I'm constantly studying the market. Suppose a client addresses a housing-related inquiry. In that case, I must have an accurate answer at the tip of my tongue. I have a fiduciary responsibility to my client and a moral one. So, transparency is crucial in my book. Let me elaborate on this principle! 

Real estate doesn't revolve exclusively around properties and money. More so than ever, the industry is about people. I will never take my clients' trust for granted. After all, they confide in me with their homes. I assume that responsibility very seriously. 


I assure my clients that I will put on a fair fight for them!

I cherish my ties with my local community.

Over time, I have earned my beloved community's respect and recognition. Together with my family, that's my most precious possession. It was my most desired dream come true. 

Do you remember I was in the business of making dreams come true? Once accomplished, I don't intend on waking up from this one. 

In a nutshell, you can count on me to make your wish become a reality. By doing so, I'll fulfill my own dream. Let's dream together!

What motivated me to become a Real Estate Agent?

I started my career in the construction business. I remember fondly how my father and I would build houses. I decided to study and get a license in real estate marketing because I wanted to list the homes I made with my father.

What are my true passions in life?

Undoubtedly, my family is my number one passion and priority. Besides, finding homes for people drives me in life. I just love to help people!

My hobbies and pastime interests

It goes without saying that I am fascinated with spending time with family and friends.

Also, we are passionate pet owners. We love hanging out and playing with our cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, and horses.

Jacqueline Katz


Jacqueline Katz


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  • Collateral Security

    Property pledged to obtain a loan or credit. ...

  • Free And Clear Title

    Property title having no encumbrances. In the usual sense this means a title not having a mortgage. Other encumbrances could include judgments or additional financial liens. ...

  • Useful Life

    Usual operating service life of property for the purpose it was acquired. The useful life used for depreciation accounting does not necessarily coincide with the actual physical life or any commonly recognized economic life. An example is a building that can be used for 30 years. ...

  • Women's Council Of REALTORS® (WCR)

    The Women’s Council of REALTORS® is one of the affiliate organizations of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). This nonprofit organization is a network of successful women REALTORS® that aims to promote and advance women to become business leaders in the real estate industr ...

  • Assumption

    Acceptance by a reinsurer of part or all of a risk that has been transferred to it by a primary insurer or another reinsurer. ...

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