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About Jacquelyn Butler

Since 2002, I have been helping families find the perfect home in Dallas, Texas Metro area. As a Texas resident since 1986, over 10 years experience as a real estate agent, I know the Dallas, Texas Metro real estate market. Graduated from Texas Woman's University (Denton Campus) in 1991 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, I also have a Master's Degree in Professional Counselor from Amberton University, Garland, Texas.  I specialize in listings properties for sale, buyers, leases, short sales, and foreclosures.  

My personal real estate motto is honesty, caring, consistency and commitment to each and every client.

As a member of the Multiple Listing Service, ( MLS), Dallas MetroTex Association of REALTORS I have access to thousands of homes in all styles and price ranges. I am also a member of Texas Association of REALTORS and National Association of Realtors.

Book Author:  Survival of the Fittest:  Single Parenting

The author of this books shares "best practices" with the single parent, whether you are male or female—there are techniques and suggestions that are sure to help you through struggles of raising children, single—handed! Although this book focus on single parent households, these techniques can also be beneficial in a home with both parents present. 

In many cases, one parent tends to carry a heavier load of raising the children while the other parent focuses on managing the finances to provide for the family. So unless you received a "How To Manual" at the hospital or when you adopted your child, raising a child is a challenge for us all.

After 20 years learning and making mistakes, I would like to share how I managed as a single parent.  My book explains many techniques in management: Time Management, Financial Management, Managing personal relationships, and Resource Management.

As a devout Christian and a sound believer in The WORD, I also share how my "Christian Faith" has sustained me through hard times. The old saying is it takes a village to raise a child, so even ages past; it is obvious that parenting is no easy chore!

ISBN13 Hardcover: 978-1-4535-8369-2

ISBN13 Softcover: 978-1-4535-8368-5

Published by Xlibris

Military Career:  United States Army Reserves (1986-Current)

Served Active duty status from 2008 to 2010 with the Mobilization Unit in support of Afghanistan and Iraq

MOS:  71L (Admin), 42A (Personnel), 88M (Transportation),  and 79V (Retention)

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    Character defines as a set of qualities that set apart a person, place, or object from others. When it comes to people, a character describes moral qualities and personality traits that separate them as individuals. When referring to the character of a place it usually means that there are unique as ...

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    Money the policyowner is entitled to receive from the insurance company upon surrendering a life insurance policy with cash value. The sum is the cash value stated in the money the policyowner is entitled to receive from the insurance company upon surrendering a life insurance policy with cash value ...

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    Same as term Excess of Loss Reinsurance: method whereby an insurer pays the amount of each claim for each risk up to a limit determined in advance and the re-insurer pays the amount of the claim above that limit up to a specific sum. For example, assume that an insurer issues automobile liability po ...

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    Organization that develops and publishes educational material and administers national examinations in supervisory management, general insurance, claims, management, risk management, underwriting, loss control management, accredited adviser in insurance, premium auditing, research and planning, and ...

  • Statutory Profit

    Total earned premiums minus total expenses and losses paid of the insurance company. ...

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How To Improve The Privacy Of Your Home

How To Improve The Privacy Of Your Home

If you live in a residential neighborhood, there’s a good chance that you’ve had to deal with neighbors who don’t respect your privacy. Whether they’re peering through a pair of binoculars surveilling your Sunday afternoon barbeque or dropping by unannounced to “see how you’re doing”, these unpleasant individuals are the bane of ...

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In The Miscellaneous Labyrinth Of Real Estate Finance

In The Miscellaneous Labyrinth Of Real Estate Finance

To those of us who’ve gone through the process of moving, it’s no secret that moving can be a hassle and a half, between the stress and substantial financial investments.  We usually decide to relocate for various reasons, such as a brand new workplace, the prospect of a brighter future, climate changes, or even the global pandemic. COVID-19 made ...

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Eco-friendly Vs. Harmful Building Materials

Eco-friendly Vs. Harmful Building Materials

More than ever, the past dictates our future. The twenty-first century must face the dramatic repercussions of our past heritage concerning environmental issues. We foolishly exposed our planet to threats and insecurity. In practice, we do lots of harm to our immediate environment, and we should pay more attention to do’s and don’ts in nature. Humankind has ...

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Home Automation That Can Be Implemented

Home Automation That Can Be Implemented

Phrases like “Alexa, turn on the AC!”, “Alexa, dim lights!”, “Alexa, open the front door!” or “Alexa, cook mac&cheese!” are becoming a regular in US households. Well, maybe not the last but it won’t be long till that becomes a reality as well. Having the ability to tell your home what to do has been a fantasy ...

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Digital Trends That Revolutionized The Real Estate Industry

Digital Trends That Revolutionized The Real Estate Industry

Of all the inventions that changed the real estate game, none have changed it as profoundly and irreversibly as the internet. This technology opened up a world of new possibilities and opportunities for real estate professionals working at every level in the field of real estate. From the lowliest copy room workers to the moguls and brokers at the very top of the ...

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