Jenna Davis
Zenith Realty Pros LLC

Jenna Davis

Zenith Realty Pros LLC

Agent spoken language: English

Commission percentage: undisclosed

I love to work with both buyers and sellers. I can accommodate various schedules. I have
experience selling everything from small lots and homes in need of major repairs to move in ready
luxury homes as well as new custom homes. My clients are a huge priority to me. I also can
recommend great resources for various needs that come up throughout the process of considering
buying or selling property.


835 SW Alsbury Blvd Suite I , Burleson - TX 76028

Office: 1-414-587-1355

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the loan rate stated on the face of the loan note. The nominal loan rate is not the same as the effective interest rate. For example, if points are charged to secure a loan, the effective interest rate will be higher than the nominal loan rate....

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