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Jennie Sorenson

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We've all been told there are no shortcuts on the road to success. This is especially true in
real estate. I understand the, dedication and hard work, it takes to provide top-notch
service to my clients. You can rest assured that you will receive the best marketing,
selling, and negotiating experience available.

You need an agent you can trust when making a decision this important. I'm proud to say
the majority of my business comes from past clients, acquaintances and referrals. I look
forward to fulfilling every clients goals and developing long-term relationships.


4620 E 54th St , Sioux Falls - SD 57110

Office: 1-605-728-1220

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

Taxes owed due to nonpayment, underreporting, or omission (unknowingly or intentionally) from a prior year. The taxing authority will demand the back taxes, including possible fines, penalties, and interest....

Structure or part thereof, such as a building, that obstructs or overlaps another property. Infringement on the property or rights of another individual or business....

A written agreement between institutional investors to buy or sell ownership shares in mortgages. An institution such as a bank can agree to buy a certain number of shares in a single or package of mortgages....

person designating an agent to act for him. Primary individual having full financial liability. Amount being risked in a real estate investment. Owner of a real estate business. ...

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