Jerome Washington
Neighborhood Assistance Corp. of America (NACA)

Jerome Washington

Neighborhood Assistance Corp. of America (NACA)

  • Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
  • The Multiple Listing Service Mark

Heading up the team is Jerome Washington.  A NACA Licensed Real Estate Broker working in PA, DE, and NJ.  He has over 16 years experience as a real estate professional.  By the end of 2022 he will have closed over 250 NACA loans in his 4 years working with NACA members.  An active house flipper in Tri State Area he can also identify and visualize renovations to better assist you, especially if you plan to take advantage of the NACA rehab loan.  As an owner of 6 properties, his experience with tenants, multifamily homes, and undefeated track record in landlord tenant court can benefit you.  This variety of experience allows you to work with a very confident and experienced real estate professional.




1341 N Deleware Ave , Philadelphia - PA 19125

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