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I am proud to be a Realtor®. My professional background is in communications and sales, and operating my real estate business allows me to harness all of my professional talents and interests for the benefit of others daily.

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My motivation and inspiration begin at home. It's my "why" for being in real estate. Home is the place where we build relationships, enjoy family, and feel most comfortable just being ourselves.

My interest in real estate first surfaced as a child. Driving through neighborhoods and visiting open houses on Sundays with my mom, I can recall going into new builds where she would point out to me what each room would eventually become.

When I graduated from the University of Virginia in 2000, I didn't know I'd find a career in real estate, but I knew I wanted to have an impact on peoples lives.

I grew up in the suburbs of Richmond, VA (Chesterfield) and I lived in California prior to moving to Charlotte in 2006. I've lived primarily in south Charlotte, Union County, and now Indian Land, SC since making the Carolinas my home.

I am active in the Waxhaw, NC and Indian Land, SC communities and recently served a two year term as President of the Waxhaw Business Association. I co-founded the annual Pups 'n Pints event in Waxhaw and I volunteer with Autism Strong Foundation and St. Matthew Catholic Church.

I love the variety in real estate - every day is different - and forming genuine relationships with my clients. My duty goes beyond the transaction, and I strive to remain a trusted guide and advisor to my clients long after escrow has closed.

I am a story-teller at heart and I love telling stories through social media, blogging, and video. I find it interesting to learn about my clients' unique stories and their compelling reasons for buying or selling a home.

I am truly grateful for the role I get to play in my clients' stories. Perhaps one day I'll be a part of yours.

Jimmy Grappone
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Jimmy Grappone


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CLHMS - Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
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Tips For Realtors: Getting More Clients

Tips For Realtors: Getting More Clients

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Environmental Impact Statement

    Report that contains information regarding the effect of a proposed project on the environment. ...

  • Implied Contract

    An agreement occurring from actions of those impacted, but not communicated in writing or orally. For example, it is presumed that a real estate agent will perform his or her obligations according to the responsibilities assumed. ...

  • Durable Power Of Attorney

    Authority to act on behalf of an individual that terminates upon its revocation or death of that individual. ...

  • Turnkey Insurance

    Contractor's and Architect's Errors and Omissions Insurance, which also serves as a general liability policy for these professionals. ...

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