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About Joan Church

 My goal is always to help my clients have successful outcomes when buying or selling a property.
Continuing my education is a key to assisting those with whom I work.

I try to make the process of selling and buying go smoothly as possible by making myself available at times convenient to all of us.

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Joan  Church

Joan Church


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Sales Price List

    Written enumeration of the desired selling prices associated with homes or office buildings for sale. The prospective buyer can then determine if the properties for sale are within his buying range. ...

  • Shopping Center

    Retail businesses in the same locality having a parking lot servicing them. The center may contain a department store, small retailers, and restaurants. There may also be a movie theater. The shopping center may or may not be enclosed in a mall. ...

  • Public Employees Blanket Bond

    Fidelity bond provided under a blanket position bond (in which each position is covered on an individual basis) or a commercial blanket bond (in which a loss is covered on a blanket basis regardless of the number of employees causing the loss) for employees of public institutions and agencies. ...

  • Sidetrack Agreement

    Type of hold-harmless agreement made by a property owner as a condition for being served by a railroad spur. If the owner wants a special sidetrack, the railroad requires the owner to assume responsibility for certain losses for property damage or injury arising from use of the track, even if the ra ...

  • Valid Contract

    Agreement signed by both parties that meets the requirements of state law and is therefore in force. ...

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