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About Joanne Jacobs

I have a background in administrative and accounting positions; but my dream was to become a realtor.

30 years ago, that dream came true, and I embarked on my new profession with enthusiasm. This has worked for me. I reached very high sales levels; but that is not what is important to you.

My communication skills make me an outstanding realtor. I also devote my life to servicing my clients; and I have many happy customers. I give service; I follow up with the detail work from the time the contract is written until it has successfully closed. NEVER too busy to answer my telephone. My work is My life. It is also a profession that I truly love.
My clilents are happy with my services - I hope to have the opportunity to prove this to you when you need the services of a Professional Realtor.

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Joanne Jacobs


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Key Indication Series

    Measures looking at the past, current a future direction of the economy. They may have an impact on the real estate market. Each month government bodies, including the Federal Reserve System and several economic institutions publish economic indicators. These consist of the following general categor ...

  • Estate In Reversion

    Same as term reversion: Also called estate in reversion. A vested interest or estate in which a person has a fixed interest in the future. For example, if a grantor is required by the IRS to pay a substantial sum in back taxes, the part remaining reverts to the estate for later distribution to the ...

  • Principal

    The portion of the monthly payment that is used to reduce the loan balance. ...

  • Claims Occurrence Basis Liability Coverage

    Method of determining whether or not coverage is available for a specific claim. If a claim arises out of an event during the period when a policy is in force, the insurance company is responsible for its payment, up to the limits of the policy, regardless of when the business submits the claim. Exp ...

  • Financed Insurance

    Same as term Final insurance: premiums paid out of funds borrowed from the cash value of a life insurance policy. ...

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