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Levy Realty Partners

Inmobiliata, Llc

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At Levy realty partners we are a Husband & Wife Team, our mission is to provide exceptional service and support to our clients throughout their real estate journey. We strive to understand their unique needs and goals, guiding them with expertise and professionalism. Whether buying, selling, or investing, we aim to deliver tailored solutions, transparency, and timely communication. Our mission is to exceed expectations, build long-term relationships, and help our clients achieve their real estate objectives with confidence.

We provide our clients the security for their family’s present and their future through real estate and life insurance asset protection by Creating generational wealth . 

Our Goal Is to be  different by providing exceptional red carpet service and building strong relationships with our clients.  Prioritize professionalism, transparency, and ethical practices to gain trust and establish a positive reputation in the industry. We care more about the relationship with our clients and the rest will follow. 

Johanna Levy  - Realtor  
I have been a Licensed Real Estate Agent since August 2012. I specialize in buying, selling, renting, investing in cash flow properties, pre construction, and much more. Real estate has always been my true love & passion. I love meeting new people and working with my clients and taking them to the closing table and watching the joy on their faces when the deal gets finalized. I have invested personally with my Husband in over 747 class A apartments in florida and Texas. Myself and Husband personally have had 7 figure real estate profit deals by understanding the right markets and analyzing where the money is flowing and of course location location. We deal with clients from Dubai to Colombia to USA all over the world. In my free time I love to spend time with my Mini me my 3 year old daughter Shiloh. I do all this for her to one day take over the company and work along side mom and dad. I have been happily married for 20 years  to my soulmate and partner for life Blake . He is my rock and we have the same passions and love real estate. We love to travel the world when we have time and explore and meet new cultures . 

Blake Levy -Realtor /Life insurance Agent 
Blake Levy has been investing personally in real estate for over 17 years since he was 24 years old . His first deal was a high rise pre construction In Miami on the 41st floor on the beach.  Since then Blake has invested in 747 units of Class A multi family properties from florida to Texas with the main goal of passive income for his family and capital appreciation . Along the way we have invested in everything from short term Airbnb properties In orlando florida and Miami to long term cash flowing properties throughout south florida. Blake always says I have lost money in stocks , crypto , and other investing but never lost money in Real estate because of his knowledge and experience of the locations and the price we pay going in and exit strategy going out, and looking at the long term mindset you will win !!! 

His passion and motivation is Real estate and providing the best knowledge by understanding the markets The relationship and friendship with my client is most important to me the rest will follow as long as we have that bond. I am also a licensed Life Insurance agent where my main focus is protecting families across the USA  When I’m not doing deals I am spending quality time with my most important women in my life.  My Beautiful wife johanna levy and business partner and soulmate we have been happily married for 20 years And my whole world my 3 year old daughter Shiloh Bella levy who is my pride and joy.  She fills my heart and soul with love and with purpose in my life. I wake up a 4am so I have what I call  daddy time to meditate, pray, go to gym, play Pickelball,  and plan out my goals before everybody wakes up . 


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