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John Parker

RE/MAX Realty Group

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Real estate transactions will go smoothly with an expert by your side!!

John Parker is an established real estate agent, welcoming new and former clients with reliable market knowledge. Mr. Parker is a productive Re/Max family member headquartered in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. He is the most reasonable option if you wish to sell your property, find affordable housing, or invest in real estate in Rehoboth Beach, DE, and its immediate area.

Which are Mr. Parker’s most outstanding real estate skills?

Mr. Parker has accumulated over thirty years of experience in the business, representing property sellers and home buyers of all backgrounds. He can find the common denominator with his clients effortlessly because he pays close attention to their housing needs and requirements. 

Once he learns all the required details, Mr. Parker can guide customers through home selling or buying. Moreover, he makes this process a delightful adventure because he’s a people person. He won’t stop until everybody’s objectives are met! Lastly, Mr. Parker is also proficient in American Sign Language (ASL.)

Get a glimpse into Mr. Parker’s professional real estate approach and strategy!

Since real estate, in general, is Mr. Parker’s number-one passion, he pays meticulous attention to market conditions. Days won’t start without learning about market updates and new listings. 

Mr. Parker assumes a pro-client approach. For this reason, he never pressures his clients. John Parker offers solid advice regarding real estate based on his extensive market knowledge. Furthermore, he encourages his clients to actively participate in the process and voice their thoughts and concerns. 

Mr. Parker welcomes clients from all walks of life. However, he relates exceptionally well with senior citizens.

What motivated Mr. Parker to join the fantastic real estate industry?

Mr. Parker launched his career as a University Athletic Director in Washington, DC. During this early period, he discovered a genuine fascination with real estate, which he decided to pursue unconditionally. Subsequently, he obtained his real estate license as early as 1987 and was ready to hit the ground running. With unflinching confidence, he can declare that this career choice was the most suitable for him. Being a licensed realtor brought instant self-realization, an accomplished dream he would never renounce.

He left his hometown, Washington, DC, behind and became a proud Rehoboth Beach, DE citizen. 

Discover Mr. Parker’s community ties!

John Parkers loves and supports his community through various official positions in society:

  1. He is a member of the Sussex County Association of Realtors.
  2. He supports functions at Bebee Hospital.
  3. Being a US Army Veteran, he became a proactive member of the American Legion.

Do you share the same special pastime activities with Mr. Parker?

Mr. Parker is a passionate sports fan and misses no opportunity to indulge in playing an exciting tennis match. Quality recreation is also quintessential. For this reason, he enjoys taking long walks with his faithful companion, Corabeth, a Wire Hair Fox Terrier. Additionally, he sharpens his mental skills by doing crossword puzzles every day.


317 Rehoboth Ave. , Rehoboth Beach - DE 19971

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