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About John Petersen

Fiduciary responsibility, expert local knowledge, media savvy and a professional commitment to each client, is the essence of what I offer.

With a background in Biomedical Engineering and International Sales & Marketing, I really enjoy being a full-time REALTOR. It gives me purpose and pride when assisting clients from my initial orientation/assessment all the way to the closing table. I find it humanly rewarding assisting my clients finding their home when buying and/or optimizing their value plus outstanding marketing, when they are selling. To me it is always personal the very reason for a successful referral based real-estate business.

Buying or selling a home is a complex process where the proactive and professional Realtor plays a fundamental role. It’s important to fully understand the details of the home buying and selling processes correctly navigating and employing the right contract documentation and verbiage while also understanding the intricacies of related financing options.

To show or list a home, is the part of our job that most can do. On the other hand, few have the negotiation skills required to get the best possible deal for a client or the marketing experience required to present a property properly. Further, a proactive and good Realtor, will detect and solve potential complications and conflicts before they become a real problems. I know how to deal with people and technology, get the best deal, create the best exposure for your listing, solve potential conflicts along the way and finalize a satisfactory closing.

Before I became a Realtor, I worked professionally in sales and marketing within the medical equipment industry, domestically and internationally. My experiences in management, sales and marketing, contract negotiation and project management, combined with a pragmatic hands-on approach and in-depth knowledge of the real estate business – is what enables me to assist you in a professional capacity.

Besides English, I am a fluent native level Spanish, German and Danish / Scandinavian speaker, with knowledge of some other related languages. I am originally from Denmark, where I graduated as an Electronic Engineer, but I also have roots in Minnesota and I have lived in and out of the USA most of my adult life.

Mission Statement:

My philosophy is simple: clients come first. I pledge to be in constant communication with my clients, keeping them fully informed throughout the entire buying or selling process. I believe that if you’re not left with an amazing experience, I haven’t done my job. I don’t measure success through achievements or awards, but through the satisfaction of my clients.

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John Petersen


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Classified Property Tax

    Property tax that varies in rate depending on the zoning classification (use) of the property. ...

  • Executor (male)/ Executrix (female)

    Person chosen by a testator/testatrix to handle and conduct the terms of a will to an estate. Duties include collecting and selling of properties and paying debts of the state. ...

  • Exterior Wall

    Outside wall of a structure that is exposed to the weather. An exterior wall can also be a load bearing wall ...

  • Insured Loan

    A loan indemnified against default by the borrower. Such loans may be a mortgage loan insured by a standard mortgage insurance policy or by FHA mortgage insurance. In the event of the death or default of the borrower, the mortgage insurance policy will either pay the mortgage principal entirely, or ...

  • Marginal Land

    Land that has poor income potential, usually used in an agricultural sense meaning that the land is untellable, has poor access, is extremely steep, has suffered serious erosion, is extremely small or irregular, or is located at too high of an altitude to grow crops. Marginal land has a lower market ...

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Living In Miami FL, America

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