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Greetings! My name is Juan Pablo Pastrana and I am a local resident of Seminole County. I attended Sterling Park Elementary, Keith Elementary, Jackson Heights Middle School, Indian Trails Middle School, Seminole High School, VCC and UCF. I had the privilege of protecting and serving Seminole County as a Deputy Sheriff. For unforeseen reasons and due to a life changing injury, my endeavor as a deputy ended too early in May of 2014. While recovering and finding a new purpose, it was evident that my passion still belonged to Seminole County community, where I was raised. If I could not protect and serve, the next best thing is to help those that want to put down their own roots in Seminole County.

My parents transitioned to Seminole County 30 years ago and became realtors themselves. I can be the support for those families looking for a humble place to live and raise their children, as I am raising my own family of five. With the knowledge of living and working in Seminole County, I will be able to welcome you and your family to our humble community, especially in the areas of Casselberry, Oviedo, Winter Park and Winter Springs.

I look forward to the opportunity to share my passion for Seminole County with you. Let's make Seminole County your home too. Call me at my cell, 407-443-5331. 

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Juan Pablo Pastrana

Juan Pablo Pastrana


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