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We are a Faith-Based Real Estate business serving the needs of the community in the transaction of property sales and purchases, Property Management and as a part of our ministry we provide a completely FREE CREDIT REPAIR SERVICE.

My name is Julia Mears. I am Realtor / Broker / Owner of Angel’s Touch Realty, LLC. Our company proudly serving Ocala, FL - Horse Capital of the World and surrounding areas. As an broker for over 14 years, I strive to provide buyers and sellers with a professional and pleasurable experience.

Please let me to introduce my partner and co-owner of Angel’s Touch Realty, Florida State General Contractor Steven J. Mears, 30 years of experience in the field of construction. Now he is acting as a consultant for Angel’s Touch Realty, his knowledge and many years of experience is priceless gift to our company and clients.

Angels Touch Realty, LLC

Julia Mears

Julia Mears


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36 Palm Run , Ocala - FL 34472

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Earned Premium

    Portion of a premium paid by an insured that has been allocated to the insurance company's loss experience, expenses, and profit year to date. ...

  • Flexible Spending Account Life Insurance

    Account established by the insurance company specifically for beneficiaries of a life insurance policy where the beneficiary has the choice of leaving the death benefit on deposit in the account earning interest or writing checks on the deposited amount. ...

  • Personal Injury

    Wrongful conduct causing false arrest, invasion of privacy, libel, slander, defamation of character, and bodily injury. The injury is against the person in contrast to property damage or destruction. ...

  • Prior Confinement Requirement

    Requirement that the insured must have stayed in a hospital or other health care facility for at least a specified period of time before being entitled to receive insurance benefits. This requirement is usually found in long-term care (LTC) insurance policies. ...

  • Twisting

    Unfair trade practice, in insurance, whereby an agent or broker attempts to persuade a life insurance policyholder through misrepresentation to cancel one policy and buy a new one. Some states have laws requiring full disclosure of relevant comparative information about existing and proposed policie ...

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