Kandis Rausch
eXp Realty in Arizona

Kandis Rausch

eXp Realty in Arizona

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My name is Kandis Rausch, and I am a customer-friendly real estate agent in Phoenix, Arizona. I represent the best interests of home buyers and sellers in the Phoenix area.

Representing my real estate clients with passion and empathy. 

First, I find joy in helping people in any situation. I adopted this principle in my professional life as well. I have always been fascinated with real estate. Besides, I have accumulated vast knowledge in the industry, so I am a ‘connoisseur’ of the complex housing market. Throughout the years, I have never lost my integrity. For me, people come first, and building meaningful relationships with them.

My dedication and empathy for my clients date to the beginning of my career. At that time, I realized I wanted to help families through the home-buying process, which could sometimes be challenging. Additionally, I observed and studied my hometown’s economic growth with a conscious eye. 

Soon, I became an expert in several neighborhoods and cities, such as Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, and Surprise, Arizona. Studying their ever-changing market trends became one of my hobbies. 

The most excellent source of my professional satisfaction.

I know that starting a new chapter can be an ambitious (and often strenuous) project to undertake. However, my knowledge, professionalism, and integrity will take a huge burden and stress off your shoulders.

I am passionate about my clients’ housing requirements and strive to address them all to my best capabilities.

Seeing my clients’ excitement about their future homes fills my heart with great pleasure. It’s an uplifting time in most people’s lives.

Being part of their adventure inspires me to excel at my job even more.

My work experience

I am originally from southern Utah and have been living in Arizona since 1974. I have assisted both buyers and sellers in numerous real estate transactions from the beginning of my professional career as a Real Estate agent. Prior to my career change, I obtained a significant part of my professional experience working in government finance with Maricopa County.

My favorite pastime activities

I am a Great Outdoors-enthusiast. For this reason, I adore camping, backpacking, hiking, and kayaking with my family. This beautiful state features countless stunning sites, from the desert to the mountains. And we intend to explore them all.

My daring but adorable tail-wagging companions

I cherish the company of my three extraordinary pets. Firstly, I have Bailey, a wonderful rescue pup who doesn’t let her smaller size keep her from active life and constant playing. 

Secondly, Ziva, my German Shepherd, is my best friend and protector. Thirdly, Baxter, rescued as a kitten, is also a part of our adventures. He loves to hike and explore right alongside the family. They most definitely brighten up my life!


16165 N. 83rd Ave. #200 , Phoenix - AZ 85382

Office: 1-623-329-9923

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