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About Kathleen Parsons
Kathleen A. Parsons LLC

Making your dreams a reality!!!

Since I was a little girl I always enjoyed helping people make their dreams a reality. In 2001 I passed my Real Estate Licensing Exam in PA and started living my dream! I grew up in West Chester, PA. I lived in Fort Myers, Florida for 5 years where I also was a Realtor and moved back to West Chester to raise my family with my family and friends nearby. I love helping others in every way I can!!

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Kathleen  Parsons <br> Kathleen A. Parsons LLC

Kathleen Parsons
Kathleen A. Parsons LLC


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA)

    U.S. law making it illegal to discriminate when giving credit based on factors such as race, religion, color, age, national origin. A lender must respond to credit applications within 30 days. If the application is denied, reasons must be given. The purpose of this law was to assure that lenders wou ...

  • Interest Rate Ceiling

    The highest rate possible under an ARM contract; same as 'lifetime cap.' It is often expressed as a specified number of percentage points above the initial interest rate. ...

  • Human Approach

    Technique of loss control and reduction of losses in insurance. Supporters of this method believe that the safety attitudes of individuals determine the safety precautions they take. The human approach seeks to convince people to want to be safe in order to reduce loss frequency and severity. For ex ...

  • Specific Insurance

    Single insurance policy for only one kind of property at only one location of an insured. For example, property insurance on a rare piano in the insured's home would cover only that piano, not any other property of the insured. ...

  • Years Of Service

    Length of employment as measured to determine eligibility, vesting, and benefit levels for employee participants in tax qualified pension plans. There is often a requirement that years of service be continuous (without unexcused breaks). ...

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Real Estate Niche: Green Homes

Real Estate Niche: Green Homes

Life in the 21st century is coming with some very welcome changes. Nowadays, it’s becoming more approachable to have a lifestyle that allows you to live more harmoniously with your environment. We're heading towards a much broader path towards sustainability. People are looking into what a sustainable lifestyle would ask of them, and what changes they would have ...

How Your Appearance Affects Your Sales

How Your Appearance Affects Your Sales

As a real estate professional, you’ve probably heard one person or another talk about “dressing for success” while they show you their new watch or tailored suit. This expression is used broadly in a lot of different ways, but in the world of real estate it actually holds a lot more meaning than you might imagine. A crucial aspect of working as a ...

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Restoring A Repossessed Home: Dealing With Damage

Restoring A Repossessed Home: Dealing With Damage

For a person who’s got an enterprising spirit, the world is full of money-making opportunities. From investment to entrepreneurship and good old-fashioned hard work, there is almost no set of circumstances that can keep a sharp-witted business man or woman down financially. Everyone gets knocked down from time to time; what’s important is how you go about ...

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How To Build Confidence As A Realtor

 How To Build Confidence As A Realtor

If you’re just starting out in the world of real estate, you’ll quickly find out just how important it is to be confident. As is the case in many other business sectors, what you’re selling isn’t as important as the way in which you sell it. The better your pitch, the more likely people are to buy, and the best way to improve your pitch is by ...

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Downsizers And Empty Nesters: A Real Estate Niche

Downsizers And Empty Nesters: A Real Estate Niche

Up until a certain point in their lives, most homebuyers cite size as a primary priority when purchasing property. Many start with a small, modest house that comes with small, modest mortgage payments, and then work their way up through the real estate world, buying larger and larger homes as they accrue more wealth and financial stability. There’s a ...

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