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Kelli Mickeliunas has joined Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate to create a new brokerage, The Good Life Group.  She is a Real Estate Professionals who have achieved great success in her respective career. Kelli is licensed and services  both the Omaha and Council Bluffs Real Estate community.   Her mission statement is "To impact and improve the lives of others...and sell a few homes along the way"
Over the years, she has had the belief that central to her work is building relationships with her clients, in creating a good life- extending their reputation through good real estate work, building trust through friends, and giving back to the community. Oh, and having fun. The Good Life!

Kelli is  focused on selling her listings and finding new homes for buyers.  The Good Life Group is essentially our own business within the walls of Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, who provide us with all the support we need to give full service to our clients. Along with the most state of the art technology and tools that  Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate brings to us,  she has set up some pretty sophisticated systems for keeping our clients informed. Kelli wants you to be in the position to know the market, seize opportunities, and grow wealth for the future. The Good Life doesn't happen by accident and she takes her responsibility to her clients very seriously. And as part of Better Homes & Gardens, we have built-in mutual accountability, working together, we can offer our clients so much more. We believe our model will be the norm in the future.

Kelli is grateful for your continued loyalty and, remember that she is never too busy to assist you in your real estate needs, and those of your friends and family. You can feel good about putting your real estate needs in her hands.  You're in good hands!  Thanks

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2353 S 33rd St , Omaha - NE 68105

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Office: 1-402-709-5126

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    Coverage usually provided as part of the storekeepers burglary and robbery insurance in the event merchandise, fixtures, equipment, and furniture are lost due to theft and burglary. ...

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    Individual risk offered by an insurer for acceptance or rejection by a reinsurer. Both parties are free to act in their own best interests regardless of any prior contractual arrangements. With proportional facultative reinsurance, the reinsurer assumes a proportional share of premiums and losses. O ...

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    Person who has the responsibility for examining the risk to determine whether or not to insure it. ...

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