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Former US Navy Pilot who began aviation career here in Pensacola. Spent 30 yrs in Dallas,TX in electronic component sales with an employee owned firm. Experienced Real Estate investor in Dallas for 25 years in duplex, apartments and commercial office building investments. Section 1031 Exchange experience to Massachusetts coastal area properties. Married to mortgage loan processor Carol Parks and have favorite son Chris in New York City. Love to help clients find/sell their homes for best price with least hassle.

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Ken Parks Keller Williams Realty Gulf Coast

Ken Parks


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Conditional Commitment

    Agreement by a lender to loan money to suitable borrowers within a given time period but without identifying those borrowers. ...

  • Equity Lending

    Bank financing to a homeowner based on his dollar equity in the home. The interest rate typically fluctuates such as being based on the change in the prime interest rate. Interest expense is tax deductible to the homeowner. ...

  • Escalation Clause

    provision in a rental agreement or other contract that stipulates for an increase in lease payments or in a contract price if a specified uncontrollable event occurs. Provision in a loan agreement or mortgage in which the entire debt becomes immediately due upon the occurrence of an item such as mi ...

  • Burglary/Theft Insurance

    Same as term Burglary Insurance: coverage against loss as the result of a burglary. Found as part of the commercial package policy that has generally replaced the special multiperil insurance (SMP) policy and the MERCANTILE OPEN STOCK BURGLARY INSURANCE policy. Covers loss of merchandise, furniture ...

  • Hull Marine Insurance

    Coverage of the hull of a ship and its tackle, passenger fittings, equipment, stores, boats, and ordnance. Coverage is provided under the following types of policies: builders risk hull insurance; navigation risk insurance, and port risk insurance. ...

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