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About Ken Ray

Kenneth is the best advocate for buying, selling or renting! He works to promote your best interests. If you are selling, Kenneth utilizes state of the art technology, team collaboration and superior marketing materials. If buying, he will provide you with the best market data so that you can be a well-equipped buyer with the strongest possible negotiating position. Kenneth has a working relationship with all major residential and custom home builders in the area in order to ensure that you are up-to-date on current incentives. As a full time Realtor, he will work hard to make your transition as pleasurable as possible.

He will accomplish this through constant communication, and by being accessible. Kenneth recognizes the unique characteristics and benefits of living and working in the Joint Base San Antonio Area.
Sure, my marketing abilities come in handy – especially in this ever-changing world with new digital trends popping up daily – but my main strength is my credibility. I’ve been working hard on this asset ever since I got my license. I’m constantly studying the market because when my client asks me something I have to have the correct response at the tip of my tongue. I have not only a fiduciary responsibility to my client but also a moral one. So, transparency is really important in my book because, to me, Real Estate is not only about properties and money. It’s about people. I never take for granted the fact that people are trusting me not with their house or apartment; but their home. I take that responsibility seriously and put on a (fair) fight for them.

Over time I have earned the respect and recognition of this community that I love so much. Together with my family, that’s my most prized possession. A dream come true. Remember I said I was in the business of making dreams come true? Well, I don’t intend on waking up from this one. So you can count on me to make your dream come true because by doing so I'll be living a dream of my own. Let’s dream together!

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6812 Bandera Rd Ste 205 , San Antonio - TX 78238

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Confession Of Judgment

    Provision in a credit contract specifying that if the lender sues the borrower for late payments, the borrower accepts guilt in advance, irrespective of the reason for nonpayment. ...

  • Guardian

    Person serving as a property administrator for someone who is incompetent due to a mental or physical deficiency. ...

  • Indexed Guaranteed Investment Contract (gic)

    Type of guaranteed investment contract in which the interest rate credited is tied to an external index such as the United States Treasury Bond Index. ...

  • Snowmobile Floater

    Endorsement to a homeowners insurance policy or a personal automobile policy (pap) that covers physical damage to a snowmobile wherever it happens to be. Coverage can be on named peril or all risks basis. ...

  • Renter's Market

    There’s a time when it’s neither a Buyer’s Market nor a Seller’s Market. We call it “Renter’s Market”. It’s that time where, despite the supply and demand ratio of properties for sale, the overall economic conditions are not favorable for such a ...

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