Krystal Bartak
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Krystal Bartak

Better Homes & Garden Real Estate

I speak: English

My passion is helping clients navigate the home buying process with ease and confidence.  I will partner with you throughout the process to ensure you are fully informed about all that goes into buying or selling a home.  Not only do I help you plan for the expected and unexpected, I also help make this process fun and exciting as you get to start this next chapter in your life.


15000 S Ciceri Ave , Oak Island - IL 60452

Office: 1-312-489-3314

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Organization that manages the relocation of the employees of client companies from one area of the country to another. A relocation service will manage home sales and purchases in another region as well as assisting in moving furniture and other personal effects. The primary purpose of a relocati...

Same as term Negative Points: Points paid by a lender for a loan with a rate above the rate on a zero point loan. For example, a lender might quote the following prices: 8%/0 points, 7.5%/3 points, 8.75%/-2.5 points. Negative points, often referred to as 'rebates,' are used to reduce a borrower's...

Expenses that have or may not yet have been paid by an insurance company....