LaRay Hampton
EXP Realty LLC

LaRay Hampton

EXP Realty LLC

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Licensed since 2002, LaRay is an experienced professional serving South Carolina communities in Lancaster County, Chester County, and in York County where she resides. Avidly engaged with new properties on the market and well versed on current industry updates, she has developed a strong passion and knowledge of the real estate industry and current markets. LaRay approaches each client with a focus on personalization, respect and professionalism. The guidance she provides throughout the transaction is designed to educate and protect each client while supporting them to make the best choice and, in order to make their real estate dreams come true. LaRay is attentive throughout each transaction. She believes in treating each client with the care one would provide to those most beloved to them, and with the patience and diligence that is needed to support them through one of the most critical transactions in their lifetime. 


LaRay's dedicated and client-focused approach is derivative of years of marketing, business management, and leadership experience. Each client’s purchase or selling experience is designed to meet their needs and desires during, what can become, a complex transaction. LaRay said, "My top objective is to focus on what is most important to the person in front of me, whether that means saving them time so they can focus on the other important things in their lives, like their work or family, or saving or helping them to make the most financially, through skillful and respectful negotiation. I am sincere in my desire to protect my client’s best interests. I see my role as one where I provide the most comprehensive, straightforward experience for each client, every step of the way. I work to develop trusting, loyal, and mutually beneficial relationships built on personal attention, speed of service, execution and accessibility." Throughout the sales process, LaRay parlays her public relations strategic planning experience into creating and executing a complete marketing plan for the client. She utilizes the eXp Realty systems and a network across a broad array of real estate companies to cast a wide net in order to drive broad awareness of the property to garner the best return on investment for every client. eXp offers one of the most innovative real estate platforms of its era.


LaRay grew up in a diverse community in the Bay Area and attended San Diego State University. Her bachelor's degree is in Management, and she worked in Silicon Valley as a public relations executive and leader in her early career. She spent 15 years in the fitness industry, serving in roles as a General and Regional Manager and as a Vice President of Sales. Throughout her tenure as a real estate agent, LaRay looked for ways to grow her industry knowledge and served as President of her local chapter of the Women's Council or Realtors, on real estate boards and as a guest speaker at real estate and leadership conferences. 



In her spare time, LaRay can be found hiking or working out, exploring neighborhoods and communities throughout the Charlotte regional area, enjoying art and culture as a Blumenthal season ticket holder, and Middle C Baby Grand member, reading novels, attending sporting events or enjoying meals with her large family.  She volunteers as a mentor and coach for young professionals.


331 E Main St. #200 , Rock Hill - SC 29730

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