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Laura Quintin


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Laura Quintin is your expert and client-friendly real estate agent. She is always keen to offer valuable guidance and assistance to house hunters, homebuyers, property sellers, and real estate investors in Northeast and East Central Florida. Find her headquarters in Jacksonville, FL!

Learn about Laura’s real estate agent motto!

From early childhood, Laura was amazed at how homes were built from scratch and often remodeled to best suit the owners' requirements. Then, she imagined happy families moving in and living carefree lives there. This image stuck in Laura’s head, motivating her to help families look for and find the ideal homes where they can thrive. 

It’s Laura’s top priority to help clients navigate through many housing options and point out the most suitable for them. 

Discover Laura’s adventurous life story!

She was born and raised in the picturesque Upstate New York. Laura was the oldest of four siblings, two younger sisters, and a little brother. She spent her childhood close to nature and animals, with farm animals in the nearby fields. Those beautiful hillsides of delicious grapes (produced for the Finger Lakes Wineries) offered the ideal backdrop for countless childhood adventures. 

Growing into adulthood and in pursuit of professional dreams

After high school, country life didn’t bring any genuine challenges for Laura. For this reason, she decided to attend college in New York City. In the Big Apple, her heart chose communications and advertising at none other than the Fashion Institute of Technology, FIT. 

Being her own boss in operating a courier service

NYC meant only a temporary respite. San Diego, California, was Laura’s next destination for work and lifestyle options. Driven by her professional ambitions, Laura established, managed, and operated a courier service. Most notably, her customers were both established and start-up advertising agencies trying to make a living in the tough southern California market, 

When true professional love comes along

Still, she didn’t feel professionally fulfilled. Next, Laura dipped her toes into sales and marketing. Then, real estate came and swept Laura off her feet. She started her real estate agent career at Prudential La Mesa Realty. Laura’s love for the housing market, in general, and the real estate industry has never ceased since then.

Back to the location of the sweetest childhood memories!

Laura spent the next thirteen years in California. However, she could never get The Excelsior State out of her head. For her, New York State will always bring the fondest of memories. No wonder she felt compelled to return to the countryside she knew so well. But this time, she arrived with her Californian husband, with whom they raised two beautiful children. In the meantime, the married couple’s career choices called them to various other places. 

New professional challenges have never meant obstacles.

An exciting period followed in terms of professional and personal life. Laura changed gears and became the manager of the Chamber of Commerce tourism center. Then, she owned a Christmas tree farm. Her versatility knew no boundaries, as she worked as a substitute teacher in a renowned high school. However, raising seven lovely (and naughty) German Shepherd puppies was one of the more challenging tasks Laura had ever faced.

When vocation leads to new friendships.

2015 opened a brand-new chapter in Laura’s life when she moved to Melbourne, Florida. Next, she joined the ranks of real estate experts, and everything came full circle. Currently, Laura lives in St Johns, Florida, enjoying a thrilling combination of city life and countryside. She takes immense pleasure in encountering new people and customers. Most often, their professional relationship turns into a solid friendship. 

Take Laura’s life advice!

Laura is passionate about making every day count. In addition, fostering a healthy lifestyle is indispensable! These two clues are easy to follow and will make for a 100 percent fulfilling life!

Laura can tell countless fascinating stories that make up a life without regrets! After all, life is what happens when one makes other plans.

Which are her favorite pastime activities?

Often, Laura enjoys more easygoing forms of recreation, such as playing golf, cooking, and reading. However, she’s also fascinated by dynamic sports, such as hiking and boating. Last but not least, traveling and exploring new places have always been essential in her life.



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    Laura help me sell my former home and buy my new home. She was very attentive and diligent. She always went the extra mile to help the In transactions so they could be smooth and on time. She made me feel confident and happy about the purchase process.

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    We all know that the stress of relocating to a new area for a career change is stressful enough; but trying to sell the house as well takes that stress to a whole new level. Laura Quintin not only took care of that stress, but she also made the who ordeal go as seamless as possible. Laura is an agent with passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to serving you as the seller and helping you get the best outcome for your sale. She had great communication between the buyers agent and ourselves and also kept us informed of buyer's mortgage progress and inspection results. She certainly has our respect and my wife and I wish we could of used her as our realtor when we moved to our new state.

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