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Laure Taylor

Laure Taylor


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Attribution

    Also called constructive ownership. A situation where the tax law assigns to one taxpayer the ownership interest of another taxpayer. ...

  • Fixing-up Expenditures

    Payments made to enhance the appearance and conditions of real estate property. In so doing, the market value of the property should increase. Examples of renovation costs are siding, painting the interior. ...

  • National Association Of Corporate Real Estate Executives (NACORE)

    Founded in 1969 and located in West Palm Beach, FL, NACORE has 3,273 members. Its members consist of anyone managing, administering and/or operating regional real estate departments for national and international corporations. It provides a forum for exchange of concepts and the sharing of common in ...

  • Common Law Defenses

    Arguments composed of assumption of risk, contributory negligence, and fellow servant rule. ...

  • Expected Mortality

    Expectation of death. The probability of its occurrence is shown by a mortality table, which is important in determining the premiums for life insurance policies. ...

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