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I came to be a Realtor after spending 21 years at the Home Depot, helping homeowner's with a multitude of projects, as well as assisting builders and construction workers, and I must say I loved it. The part I loved most about those 21 years was, the helping part, and I mean truly helping. I gained so much valuable experience while there and, I even had the pleasure of running the program that catered to the Ladies tackling of home improvement projects. As rewarding as all of this was, I decided it was time to tackle Whole House projects, and by that I meant why not move up to selling the "Whole House", instead of all of the little things in and around the house. So I parted with my orange apron to venture into Real Estate.I love my new career as a Real Estate agent. It is hard work, but I love it. I believe it is because I now have the opportunity to really get to know my customers, and help them with the biggest purchase they can make. It is so gratifying to work with pe ople and know what a difference I am making in their lives, and when I finally get them into the right house, and see how happy they are, it is one of the most satisfying feelings of accomplishment I've ever had. I will work how ever long it takes to find you the home you are looking for beecause, I want you to bee happy with it, this is my first priority and number one goal. I hope you will buzz the Busy Bee, that's Me, and give me the opportunity to work with and for you.


Laurie  McBee

Laurie McBee


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Corporation

    Business organized as a distinct legal entity with ownership evidenced by shares of stock. To form a corporation, "articles of incorporation" must be filed with the state. When approved, the state issues to the real estate company a "certificate of incorporation". The two documents in combination a ...

  • In Propria Persona

    Appearing in person. In propria personal is a formal judicial request to appear personally before the court to plead a particular matter. While it does not prevent an individual from obtaining counsel, it does require that the named individual appear personally rather than having the attorney to rep ...

  • Listing Form

    The prepared form used to specify the terms of the listing contract. Usually a listing form consists of blanks the real estate agent fills in to provide the necessary information needed to complete the listing. This information would include the name of the property owner, the address, a detailed de ...

  • Financial Responsibility Law

    Law requiring the operator of an automobile to show financial ability to pay for automobile-related losses. In many states evidence usually takes the form of a minimum amount of automobile liability insurance. ...

  • General Adjustment Bureau (gab)

    National agency supported by property insurance companies. The bureau is used by companies that do not have their own claims adjusters. ...

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