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I often say I’m not in the business of real estate, but in the business of making dreams come true. That doesn’t mean finding houses for a buyer or getting the highest amount of money for the seller. Not exclusively, at least. It’s much more than that: it’s caring for their needs, understanding their anxieties, predicting potential pitfalls and basically looking for ways to make the uncertain process of buying or selling a house not only easier, but more enjoyable. In the end, my goal as a Real Estate Agent is to facilitate things for my clients turning a lengthy and complex transaction into a pleasing memory.

Sure, my marketing abilities come in handy – especially in this ever-changing world with new digital trends popping up daily – but my main strength is my credibility. I’ve been working hard on this asset ever since I got my license. I’m constantly studying the market because when my client asks me something I have to have the correct response at the tip of my tongue. I have not only a fiduciary responsibility to my client but also a moral one. So, transparency is really important in my book because, to me, Real Estate is not only about properties and money. It’s about people. I never take for granted the fact that people are trusting me not with their house or apartment; but their home. I take that responsibility seriously and put on a (fair) fight for them.
Over time I have earned the respect and recognition of this community that I love so much. Together with my family, that’s my most prized possession. A dream come true. Remember I said I was in the business of making dreams come true? Well, I don’t intend on waking up from this one. So you can count on me to make your dream come true because by doing so I'll be living a dream of my own. Let’s dream together!


1624 Main Avenue , Clifton - NJ 07011

Office: 1-973-563-2367

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