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About Marco Stilli

Real Estate Professional in Washington, District Of Columbia United States Marco Stilli has lived in the Washington, DC region for almost 10 years and is licensed in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. He has been active in real estate since 2004.

Over the years gained extensive experience in the urban Washington, DC market, and has expanded his practice to include the Northern Virginia, Old Town Alexandria and the Montgomery County markets. He has developed the reputation of being a premier Realtor within the international community and among clients relocating in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area in demand of personalized service throughout the transaction and the relocation process.

Marco Stilli brings a unique perspective to the Real Estate industry due to the experiences he gained in operations as an Aviator in the Italian Navy. He is well prepared for strategically navigating the Real estate markets with knowledge, capability, and negotiation skills.

His knowledge and reputation for going the extra mile to meet the needs and interest of his clients has earned him the qualification of "Designated Realtor of the Embassy of Italy". Marco Stilli's clientele ranges from first-time home buyers to CEOs of multi-national corporations, international investors, top members of the Military, and executives of the World Banks and IMF. He works with both buyers and sellers, and relishes working on creative investment and renovation opportunities.

Complementing his background and vast international experience, he recently completed the Certification for International Property Specialist (CIPS).

Marco Stilli is fluent in Italian and lives in Washington N.W.

Marco Stilli
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Marco Stilli



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How Do Real Estate Agents Market Rentals?

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The Ultimate Home Theater Room

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Administration

    Performance of management functions associated with administering an employee benefit insurance plan, to include actuarial services, booklet and contract plan designing, billing, accounting, and establishing evidence of insurability for the plan participants. ...

  • Direct Liability

    Legal obligation of an individual or business because of negligent acts or omissions resulting in bodily injury and/or property damage or destruction to another party. There are no intervening circumstances. ...

  • Fair Access To Insurance Requirements (fair) Plan

    Insurance that grew out of the urban demonstrations and riots of the 1960s. Because of the deteriorated social and economic circumstances in these areas, it became impossible for many business owners and homeowners to purchase property insurance. As a result, the federal government established the f ...

  • Rain Insurance

    Business interruption insurance in which the insured is indemnified for loss of earnings and payment of expenses resulting from adverse weather conditions. For example, the raining out of a fair, horse race, or boxing match can cause a substantial loss of money for a promoter who may have spent huge ...

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