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My creativity, and the way I run my business, is unique from that of my competition. I am committed to seeking direction from God through prayer and I am compelled to do things that the average Realtor chooses not to do, to help my clients reach their goals. I use my time each and every day to the fullest potential, always remembering that my commitment is to my clients and my job is to work diligently to get their home sold, or find them a new one, as quickly as possible.

I am an advocate, an advisor, an educator, a confidant and a source of information, before, during, and after the purchase or sale of a home.

I grow my business through referrals from happy clients and earn this right through the highest level of performance. I take a vested interest in the success of my clients, and in the interest of long-term goals. I strive for both quality of life and solid investments. My aim is to help you with your first home, your next home and your next home in the future.

As your Qualified Real Estate Professional Broker I will work diligently to find a property that is as close to what you are looking for as possible, a home that you and your loved ones can enjoy for years to come. Equally I will work to sell your home through tactical negotiations. I do not have control over the pricing of homes but I will negotiate on your behalf the best price possible.

Consequently, if you know those with interest in Buying or Selling, please suggest they allow me the opportunity to help them too.

I look forward to our growing relationship together. This truly can be an enjoyable, worry-free experience. Thank you,

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Maria Parker Real Estate Gods Way Llc

Maria Parker


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    In property insurance policies, provision that states that the insured will receive indemnity for ex ...

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    A CD, or Certificate of Deposit, is an investment usually made for a given period of time at a fixed ...

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