Marianne  Zeltner, Broker
EXP Realty

Marianne Zeltner, Broker

EXP Realty

Agent spoken language: English , French , German , Swiss

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In 2002, I discovered Southwest Florida and fell in love with the area.  I decided to invest by purchasing property the same year, returning quarterly from Switzerland enjoying the sun/leisurely lifestyle and fresh fruits lacking in my European homeland. The move was made permanent in 2013.

With my transition, I brought 20 years' experience in all aspects of real estate including sales, purchases, relocations, investment properties, vacation homes, leasing and property management to ensure your investment is safe and properly maintained. As a Florida Real Estate Broker coupled with this vast experience, I am able to serve your real estate needs, whatever they may be.

I welcome people from all continents looking to start a new life style in Southwest Florida by finding the right location and the right property with stress free transactions.  Contact me today to learn more about the process of purchasing or selling real estate.

Over the years, my business has grown exponentially becoming one of the top Realtors in the best way, through my satisfied clients!  I am grateful for their confidence and ongoing trust and I look forward to helping you.  Please feel free to call with any questions.


13300-56 S. Cleveland Ave , Fort Myers - FL 33907

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Second home. The interest and real estate taxes on the second home are tax deductible on the family's 1040 tax return....