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YOUR HOME SOLD GUARANTEED Mark Beamenderfer has been involved in real estate since 2001, first as an investor and now as a REALTOR/Broker Associate. In addition to assisting his clients with all their real estate needs, he has personally bought and sold over 150 houses throughout Jacksonville and Northeast Florida.

Originally from Palmyra, Pennsylvania, Mark relocated to Jacksonville in 1994 while serving in the U.S. Navy. He has a bachelor's degree in Banking and Finance from the University of North Florida, as well as a law degree from Florida Coastal School of Law.

Mark's business and legal education, combined with his experience and the knowledge gained from over fifteen years in the real estate industry makes him exceptionally qualified to handle all of the needs of both buyers and sellers.

Mark lives in Jacksonville Beach with his wife and two daughters. In his free time, Mark enjoys spending time with his family and friends, gardening, politics, being outdoors and is an avid bowler.

Whether you're looking to buy or sell, Mark is the guy to help you get started. Your Home Sold GUARANTEED, or I'll Buy It!* Call Mark Now at 904-982-9478

5 BIG Reasons to Call Mark Beamenderfer Today:

1. He has the Buyers in Waiting 

Mark Beamenderfer has over 1,300 Buyers in Waiting in his Database. Your home may already be SOLD!

2.  Your Home Will Sell Faster

Mark Beamenderfer will get your home sold fast. Mark sells his homes at an average rate of only 25 days on the market compared to 47 days for other agents in the Jacksonville area. 

3. Your Home is More Likely to Sell   

Mark Beamenderfer has a 97.24 percent success rate in selling homes versus the average agents' 93 percent success rate.  

4. Your Home Will Sell for More Money   

Mark Beamenderfer will get you top dollar for your home. It is a fact that his homes sell for 3.34 percent more than the average agent.

5. There is absolutely NO risk and We offer Performance Guarantees* to our Customers.

Your Home SOLD Guaranteed or I'll Buy It!*

No Gimmicks! For more information on my exclusive Guarantee Sale Program visit or you can call Mark now at (904) 982-9478 and Start Packing!

Mark Beamenderfer
Florida Homes Realty & Mortgage

Florida Homes Realty & Mortgage

Mark Beamenderfer


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Creative Ways To Get Leads As A Real Estate Agent

Creative Ways To Get Leads As A Real Estate Agent

When you work in real estate, there are times when you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. With a good marketing strategy and some clever advertising you can get work by just sitting back and waiting for it to come to you, but this isn’t always going to pay the bills. In instances like these, you’ve got to go out and round up some ...

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Is Online Advertising Worth It For Realtors?

Is Online Advertising Worth It For Realtors?

For real estate agents working in the sphere today, there’s no denying that marketing is a key part of becoming successful. In order to sell real estate, you’re going to need to get your name out in the sphere. It doesn’t matter how highly developed your other skills are, without a solid marketing strategy you won’t go far. With the arrival of ...

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How To Advertise Online As A Real Estate Agent

How To Advertise Online As A Real Estate Agent

The online environment is growing, and with so many people surfing the internet, many businesses seize the opportunity to market themselves on the internet. It’s not just big companies that leverage the benefits of digital marketing but also independent agents such as realtors. In a post-pandemic era, the real estate market of 2021 looks more promising than ever ...

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Dollars And Sense: Invest In Your 401k Or Pay Off Your Home

Dollars And Sense: Invest In Your 401k Or Pay Off Your Home

Job security for many people is an important aspect, but it might be overlooked if you don’t consider the unexpected, which often leads to unemployment. Take, for example, the pandemic that hit us in 2020, that left many people without jobs, especially in the leisure and hospitality industries. Not only that but as many were concerned about keeping Covid-19 out ...

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Between Family And Real Estate: Finding Balance As An Agent

Between Family And Real Estate: Finding Balance As An Agent

It’s hard to understand the struggles and the demands of the real estate industry when you are outside of it. When was the last time you’ve been told that you are so lucky to have such a flexible schedule as a real estate agent? We both know that is an understatement because, in reality, finding balance in life while working as a real estate agent is more ...


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Highest And Best Use

    Use of a parcel of land that will produce the greatest current value. ...

  • Will

    The definition of a will is an individual's written statement of how he or she wants their property to be distributed upon death. There must be witnesses for the will to be enforceable. Without witnesses, a will is void, and without a will, any desire of distribution is irrelevant as the responsibil ...

  • Indemnitee

    Recipient of an indemnity. Indemnitor provider of an indemnity payment. ...

  • Malpractice Liability Insurance

    Professional liability coverage for a practitioner in a given field of expertise. Coverage takes the form of defending the practitioner against liability suits whether or not with foundation, and paying on behalf of the insured, court awarded damages up to the limits of the policy. ...

  • Segregation Of Exposure Units

    Risk management practice designed to control losses by physically separating assets or operations (on separating a single exposure unit into various parts) to reduce maximum potential loss. The objective of such a separation is to reduce the risk of loss to the whole exposure unit through dispersion ...

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