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Mark Cherney

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You are considering Buying or Selling the most expensive asset that you own, your home. Do you trust this sizeable transaction with an unexperienced person with limited negotiations skills, or do you trust a Broker with over two decades of experience in negotiating sales for over 1100 past clients and customers. NOT ALL REALTORS ARE THE SAME.

It does not cost any more for a seasoned and experienced Broker than it does for a Rookie with no transactions under their belt.

Decades of experience has given me insight in real estate trends and marketing programs that actually work to net you the best results. Zillow is one of many public web siteswhere I showcase my home listings. Since over 80% of home Buyers use the internet to search for home information, it just makes sense to have my inventory of homes exposed on the most popular sites.

Looking for a home? Contact me or go to my web site to sign up for RealLiving2.0. This is a FREE interactive web site that is private to you and password protected. From this private web site you will be able to create and save multiple search criterea, actually search ALL homes listed for sale in the local Multiple Listing Service, and save information on just those homes that you like. If new listings that meet your search criterea or price changes occur on saved properties, you will receive an e-mail alert. There are many other fun and informative things to do on your RealLiving2.0 Site like: Read dozens of articles and reports, schedule activities on a calender, share information with your REALTOR or friends and family.

Have Fun and Happy Home Hunting!


1775 Velt Ave , Green Bay - WI 54303

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